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SERIE: Top 5 green roofs worldwide

The City Hall rooftop garden

Chicago’s most famous rooftop garden sits atop City Hall, an 11-story office building in the Loop. First planted in 2000, the City Hall rooftop garden was conceived as a demonstration project - part of the City’s Urban Heat Island Initiative - to test the benefits of green roofs and how they affect temperature and air quality. The garden consists of 20,000 plants of more than 150 species, including shrubs, vines and two trees. The plants were selected for their ability to thrive in the conditions on the roof, which is exposed to the sun and can be windy and arid. Most are prairie plants native to the Chicago region.

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We raised over $100,000 for The Kitchen Community, which will help build six more gardens in Chicago schools so that kids can benefit from these amazing outdoor classrooms! Most people who have followed me on social media probably understand why I loved this cause from the beginning. The small steps I took years ago have become giant leaps in the long run. What I eat is not only a major part of how I perform and recover better, but it has changed my everyday experience. If you’re a young kid with hopes and dreams, eating right and being active are two huge steps towards becoming the best you. Thank you to all for contributing and giving kids the opportunity to learn this from the get go. x