chicago games

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I love Ali but I just think this year she hasnt been in best form. You can argue and say that she hasn't been given the opportunity by Jill to really show something but she didn't play well last game against Chicago and in the SheBelieves Cup game against England she didn't play fantastic either. I think that she is a good sub to come off the bench in games but I just don't think she is what Jill is looking for. Jill wants an attacking outside back and she gets that with Kell and Casey not Ali

By posting this I’m opening a can of worms but I will respectfully disagree. You can only do so much as a defender if your entire backline and midfield are a mess. Which was the case in the uswnt game. Orlando actually played a good game vs. Chicago. But Chicago was just better at forcing mistakes and capitalizing on opportunities. Idk.

And tbh just because she’s not a player Jill is looking for doesn’t mean she’s not in good form bec lmao it’s Jill