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just wanna know when u and the asww cast n crew are gonna meet up again and have a reunion so i can cry happy tears


It’s definitely hard to have all of us in the same place, but we can still probably have a reunion stream eventually. Just to provide some updates!

Emily and I are still at Emerson in our last semester. We’ve been rocking the Student Government scene and generally living our best lives. I’m working on a reality show on campus, and she’s breaking ground in the media studies and review world.

Anna’s graduated, but is still in the Boston area freelancing on projects. Camille’s in LA on internships. Grace is taking some time for Rest and Relaxation from Boston. Michaela’s graduated and in Chicago, making games and voice acting as she does. :)

Jonah’s out in LA, and Ty’s finishing school! 

I just met up with Jonah and Camille a few weeks ago, actually. It was pretty great. Be sure to catch up with all of us on Twitter and Instagram. You can HMU @JohnDanielDepa on Twitter and @Depafied on Instagram. @Depafied on Snapchat also works. 

I’ll reach out to everybody and see if we can schedule a live stream!