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Monsters & Angels || Thomas & Nita

Thomas pulled up to Nita’s place a bit later than he’d planned to, but in his defense, he was almost always late. Also, it was his first time actually driving there, and it wasn’t that easy to remember the way to a place he’d stumbled to drunk once. That he found it at all without having to ask for directions was almost impressive.

He left his fancy luxury car of the week parked outside and strolled cheerfully up to the door. As if to deliberately counter Nita’s texts, he’d worn black jeans rather than white–but the t-shirt and coat he’d thrown over the top were both white, mostly because he didn’t actually own much clothing in any other solid colors. Close enough.

He knocked loudly on the door and called out, “Chicago Furniture Movers, at your service! Big or small, we can handle it all!”


Taking the live edge typology to the next level, Taylor Donsker Design implements the lost wax process in our newest piece, the Cast Edge Table.  Shown with a cast bronze live edge, machined brass corsets, California Claro Walnut slab, and hand patinated steel base.