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Change of Address- Kelly Severide x Reader Imagine

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“Squad 3, you have a change of address: 463 2nd St, Carmichael High School”

Kelly froze.

Capp noticed and motioned for Severide to get his gear on since his team was ready to move.

“Hurry it up Cruz! That’s Y/N’s school. She was called in to sub for another teacher.” Joe nodded and focused on driving carefully but as fast as possible to get to the scene quickly. Kelly took the drive to call Y/N’s cell phone hoping she would answer and be okay.

“Voicemail. Dammit!”

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Imagine making out with Leon Cruz and Joe walks in on you.

——— Request for anon ———

“Hey, Leon— Oh!” Joe breaks off as he opens the door to Leon’s room to find you scrambling away from his brother with a deep blush coating your cheeks.

Leon huffs, “Knock first!”

“Sorry,” Joe offers before saying, “but dinner’s ready. (Y/N), you’re welcome to eat with us.” He turns to disappear around the corner of the doorway, looking just as embarrassed as you felt upon having been caught making out with Leon.

“Close the door!” Leon calls after him.

He gets a bark of a laugh in return, “No chance in hell. Come eat.”


“A lot of people out there wonder why we do this job. It’s true, some days are bad. We grope around in zero visibility, hoping we grab and arm or a leg & pull someone to safety. Sometimes we can search the entire room and come up empty. Then, you hear about the kid you missed under the bed. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care how many years you’ve been on this job. You think to yourself – how did I miss that? How did I not reach a few feet further? Yes, there are days you want to pick up your helmet & chuck it in the lake. Some days you get to see things no one gets to see. A wife grateful you dragged her husband to safety, and every once in a while, you see a  baby take its first breath in a 10-car pile-up . These are the good days. You want to know what I’m thankful for – I’m thankful for because I have 2 families, and not too many people can say that.”