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Test || J.H

Since you worked at Firehouse 51, you formed a relationship with Jay. On the next call out, your relationship is put to the test with him and the whole Chicago force.
A/N -  mentions of attempted suicide.
Characters – Jay x Reader
Word Count – 1881

‘There’s still people in there, a man has them held at gun point.’ A woman said frantically, and then a police officer appeared at your side as the mans head popped out the window.
‘I didn’t do it.’ He screamed, everyone turned and looked up.
‘Sir, what’s your name?’ You asked, your voice breaking past all the noise.
‘George.’ He said when he looked at you.
‘Okay George. What do you want?’ The police officer asked, he looked over the crowd that was gathering before it settled on the officer again.
‘One of you come in, no gear and we’ll talk.’ He said, looking down at the officer.
‘Will you put the weapons down just now, if one comes in?’ You asked, stepping forward slightly so he could tell it was you talking. He looked down at you and nodded.
‘Okay.’ You said as you removed the helmet, placing it on the ground. You heard footsteps around you.
‘Y/N, your going to get hurt.’ Casey stated, you looked up at him as you unfastened the jacket.
‘Better me than one of them.’ You said, removing the jacket, placing it on your helmet. You rolled your sleeves up and looked up to the window.
‘I’m coming in now.’ You told him, he watched as you walked up the stairs to the building. Once you were out his sight, he disappeared into the window. As you walked up the stairs, you checked to see if anyone else was in the but when you made it to the door

You counted the hostages, them looking at you with worry, seeing as none of them were injured, only some black soot covered their faces.
‘Is this everyone?’ You asked him, he looked at them turning the gun towards them to which they whimpered and whined.
‘Hey, George keep the gun on me please.’ You asked, him he looked at it and then at you before slowly turning it, regret filling his eyes.

‘Where’s Y/N?’ Jay asked. He looked around and couldn’t see you, the others went making any eye contact only watching the building across from them.
‘In there.’ Herman stated, Jay done a double take. He was about to say something but Voight came back over from the head of police.
‘Halstead, Ruzek up on the roof. See if you can get an angle.’ Voight commanded, Jay opened his mouth to hesitate but Ruzek patted his shoulder.
‘Let’s go.’

‘I don’t have a shot.’ Jay said, you were blocking him.
‘She’s going further in, I can’t see either of them.’ Ruzek said beside Jay, as they watched you move away from the window, heading deeper into the room.

‘Let these people go.’ You said, he then raised the gun to his head and rubbed it. The hostages wincing and lowering themselves.
‘I didn’t do it.’ He told you, you took a deep breath.
‘I understand, I’ll help you, but you need to place the gun down and let the hostages go.’ You suggested to him again, he watched you closely.
‘You’ll leave me.’ He said, almost as if he was going to cry.
‘I won’t.’ You said truthfully, maintaining eye contact, but catching a glimpse of something shiny on the roof.
‘Can I phone my boss and tell him that they’re coming out?’ You asked, and he nodded, reaching into his back pocket and bringing out a phone. He handed it over, smiling you took it.
‘Boss?’ You asked when you heard the phone get picked up.
‘Yeah.’ Boden answered, you could tell it was one speaker phone, due to the amount of noise that was coming in.
‘The hostages are coming out, there’s seven of them.’ You said, as you looked at them and then back to George.
‘What about him?’ This time it was Voight speaking, you looked at George but you noticed a small glare on the roof behind George, you smiled slightly.
‘I’ve got a handle on him, just don’t shoot at them and tell Jay and Ruzek to get off the roof.’ You said as you looked at the window.
‘Copy.’ He said, hanging up you handed the phone back to him.
‘You guys can head, stay in a straight line.’ You told the hostages, they stood up, glancing up at him and then nodded thanks at you before leaving. Once all the hostages were out the room, he lowered the gun to the floor.
‘Tell me what you didn’t do?’ You asked him, he looked at you.
‘They say I killed my family, there was a fire on 55th on avenue.’ He admitted, you looked at him and then realised where you knew him
‘The basement fire.’ You said, he looked at you before nodding. It was bad, his husband and their daughters were found brunt, and he was pretty okay due to being found next to the point of ignition.
‘Everyone is saying that I done it, set them a light but I never.’ He told you.
‘You were in the basement, next to where the fire started.’ You told him, he looked at you.
‘I pulled you out from the basement.’ You said, he looked relieved but also annoyed.
‘You should have left me there.’ He grumbled.
‘Why, so the person who done this got away with it?’ You asked him, he walked in a circle.

‘What made you become a fire fighter?’ He asked suddenly, you looked at him.
‘I don’t know, truthfully. It’s not like any of my family were one. I think I just wanted to do something back to the community.’ You answered honestly, as he sat across from you.
‘You been doing it long?’ He asked, you shook your head.
‘Not as long as the other but it’s coming up 5 years.’ You said, also three years for you and Jay.
‘Congrats.’ He said, you smiled.
‘Thank you.’ You responded as the phone went off, he looked at it and you set it between the both of you on loud speaker.
‘Go, both of us are here.’ You answered it.
‘Okay, we looked up the person who George thinks done it, turns out he has past convictions.’ Voight said, you heard George sigh.
‘Dawson and Atwater are going to fetch him.’ Voight said, you smiled at George.
‘Copy that.’ You answered before hanging up.
‘Do you have anyone waiting for you?’ George asked, you smiled down at your hands and nodded.
‘Yeah.’ You said, smiling.
‘Where is he?’ George asked, you looked out the window.
‘Outside.’ You said, George nodded and smiled, then he stopped as if he realised something.
‘Why are you in here? And not out there thinking I’ve done this.’ He asked, you looked at him.
‘I don’t know.’ You told him truthfully.
‘You should leave, go to your loved one and forget about me. I’ll go to jail, I’m going to end up there anyway.’ He said, as he pushed himself up onto his feet.
‘I’m not leaving.’ You told him, he shook his head and started pacing.
‘You should.’ He told you, you stood up and tried to calm him. He reached down and picked up the gun, pointing it towards you, you raised your hands.
‘George no.’ You calmly said, he looked at you before nodding and turning it on himself.
‘No!’ You shouted but it was to late, he pulled the trigger and then the phone started ringing, ringing, and ringing until the door was busted down.
‘Y/N!’ You heard your name shouted but you never looked up, you only pressed harder on the wound.
‘Get medics.’ You gasped out, you looked at Georges paling skin you heard the footsteps and the man radio calls.

‘We found him.’ Jay said, you looked pass Jay and at Voight, who was already looking at you.
‘Can I talk to him?’ You asked, they nodded you walked into the room and recognised the man, who was sitting the opposite side of the table. He looked up and recognised you as well.
‘You done this.’ You accused, the man looked at you
‘You know him.’ Voight asked, you nodded your head.
‘He was at the fire, standing in the crowd filming.’ You told them, they looked at him and hummed in response.
‘Can I get a minute alone.’ You asked, Voight looked at you and realised that you aren’t really going to do any harm. He agreed to a minute and once the door was closed you walked to the end of the table, knowing they were watching your through the mirror.
‘You proud of yourself?’ You asked him, he didn’t say anything, so you took the drink that was in front of him. He didn’t even move a muscle.
‘You left a man without his home and family.’ You said, he looked smug and you blood boiled. You grabbed him by his shoulder, lifting him out his chair, he was shocked at how strong you were. You walked him over to the way.
‘Wipe that smug look of your face.’ You said pushing him against the wall.
‘What you gonna do about it?’ he teased, you grabbed his cheeks and made him look at you.
‘Trust me, I’ll be haunting your dreams by the time I’m done with you.’ You said, you moved him along the wall when the door opened.
‘Y/N stop.’ You heard Voight behind you, you tried to continue but you decide against it and listen to Voight, you leaned in closer to him and particularly snarled at him.
‘I hope you rot in hell.’ You said, before you pushed him away, he hit his head on the wall as you turned back and left the room.
‘Y/N.’ Jay asked, you turned to him and he took a step back, not having seen you this wound up.
‘George is awake.’ Jay told you, you blinked a couple of times and taking deep breaths, when you opened them, Jay was closer.
‘I’ll drive you.’ He said, since you got a lift from Olinsky. You nodded your head and walked close to him, feeling his heat radiate from him.

‘Hey George.’ You said as you entered the room, he looked at you, still on pain killers.
‘Y/N?’ He questioned as he looked at you.
‘Yeah, it’s me.’ You smiled at him. He looked around the room, taking everything in. 
‘Why am I here?’ He asked you.
‘Because we caught the man who murdered your family.’ You said, he looked at you and raised his eyebrows, to which you nodded, he let a sob leave his mouth.
‘We got him.’ You said, he covered his mouth before taking a deep breath in.
‘Thank you.’ He said, as he brung your hand up that was holding his and pressed his lips against it. You saw someone standing at the doorway and you saw it was Jay.
‘George you remember when you asked who I had waiting for me outside?’ You questioned him, he nodded. You smiled slightly, and you waved at Jay to come in.
‘Well this is him.’ You said, George looked at Jay as he walked in, George smiled and looked at you.
‘He’s good looking.’ George said, you chuckled and nodded.
‘I know, the only reason I chose him.’ You teased Jay and George laughed. 

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