They deserved better.

Lexa - The 100 (2016)

Tara Maclay - Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2002)

Naomi Campbell - Skins (2013)

Silvia Castro - Los Hombres de Paco (2009)

Leslie Shay - Chicago Fire (2014)

Cristina - Tierra de Lobos (2013)

Maya St. Germain -  Pretty Little Liars (2012)

After last night’s events, I needed to do this. All these amazing characters deserved so much better. I was going to include images of their deaths, but I refuse to. That’s not how I want to remember them. That’s NOT how they should be remembered. They deserved more than being an old cheap tv trope. 

I know there are many more, so feel free to add more to this list.

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Chicago Fire [S4E17] : What Happened to Courtney


Genres   : Drama
Severide and Cruz find a child’s remains inside a chimney while investigating a possible carbon monoxide leak inside a home. In other events, Casey braces for the worst in his run for alderman while Alderman Becks continues to bad mouth him to the press.

Chicago Fire [S4] Full Episode
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S4 Episode 17 : What Happened to Courtney
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Two Ts
S4 Episode 15 : Bad for the Soul
S4 Episode 14 : All Hard Parts
S4 Episode 13 : The Sky Is Falling
S4 Episode 12 : Not Everyone Makes It
S4 Episode 11 : The Path of Destruction
S4 Episode 10 : The Beating Heart (1)
S4 Episode  9 : Short and Fat
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