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Morning after the GillovnyCon panel - complete with an almost identical outfit to the previous day - coincidence, obviously 😎

- - David Duchovny & his adorable facial expressions (with a potty mouth) during his book reading at WizardWorld Chicago, Sunday 21st Aug, 2016 

[Source: my video, if anyone reposts these gifs anywhere & claims as their own - I WILL hunt you down!]

  • Weaver: [speaking to middle schoolers] Keep an open mind for a while.
  • Weaver: Listen to your teachers and read all the books you can.
  • Weaver: Then when you’re 18, you can drink, do drugs, and become a supervillain.
  • Bowden: The drinking age is twenty-one.
  • Weaver: I know. Another stupid government rule.
  • [Doctor Yamada and that one Boston Ward dude stand agape]


Oakland Tribune, California, February 13, 1936

Chicago, Feb. 13 - A lie detector test of Betty Grable and Jackie Coogan, in which they were questioned by Dr. Orlando F. Scott, alienist (right), confirmed their story of being robbed of $5050 in cash and jewels here. It also registered “truth” when Jackie told Betty he loved her more than he had any former sweetheart.