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Surreal Apocalyptic Photos of Chicago

A mysterious photographer known as Swopes composed these stunning, apocalyptic shots of the city of Chicago enduring destruction and natural catastrophes. Swopes posts a multitude of images of Chicago on her Instagram, which she claims were produced on her iPhone 6. Take a look below as the sky falls on the Windy City and it becomes engulfed by the ocean.


Minimal Maps, Big Data: Michael Pecirno Makes Data Visualization Both Beautiful and Illuminating

Michael Pecirno is a multi-disciplinary designer based out of London, England. Originally trained as an architect and later working as an art director, his practice focuses on storytelling through visual and built experiences. Minimal Maps is an ongoing project by Pecirno that explores how richly-detailed single subject maps can give us new imagery to understand our landscape. For example, corn fields take up 91 million acres of the American landscape, a staggering 4.83% of the contiguous United States. Though the value sounds astounding, visualizing what 4.83% of the American landscape looks like, or furthermore, where this land is, is extraordinarily difficult. These maps, which use tremendous amounts of raw data provided by the USDA, attempt to accurately and explicitly convey this information. Pecirno’s maps and research, the latest of which will be shown at the Chicago Architecture Biennial this fall, provide an alternative to the often information-poor data visualization maps that have become ubiquitous today. 

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HD - American Horror Story S06 E02 : Chapter 2 

HD - black-ish S03 E01 : VIP

HD - Blindspot S02 E02 : Heave Fiery Know

HD - Chicago P.D. S04 E01 : The Silos

HD - Designated Survivor S01 E01 : Pilot

HD - Empire S03 E01 : Light in Darkness

HD - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S018 E01 : Terrorized

HD - Lethal Weapon S01 E01 : Pilot

HD - Modern Family S08 E01 : The Tale of Three Cities

HD - Our Girl S02 E03 : Episode 3

HD - Paranormal Witness S05 E08 : The Pit

HD - Queen Sugar S01 E04 : The Darker Sooner

HD - Speechless S01 E01 : Pilot

HD - You’re the Worst S03 E04 : Men Get Strong


Abstract Maps

Toronto-based artistJazzberry Blue created this series of abstract maps portraying the world’s most famous cities: Los Angeles, London, Milan, and more. The self-taught traveling artist uses a combination of bold color palettes and geometric figures to give each map an abstract flare of its own.
From the organized city blocks of New York, to the chaotic streets of London, every print perfectly captures the essence each city.

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