chicago con 2011

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In fan fiction, Jensen always calls Jared "Jay." But when JJ was born, Jensen said the "Jay" was for his own nickname. Any background info on this?

Jensen explaining the name Justice Jay - Vancouver Con 2013

Steve Carlson, Mikey Roe, Jason Manns, Danneel, & Gino calling Jensen, J

Steve calling Jared, J

Steve Carlson, Jason Manns, Jim Beaver, Clif, Gino, & Guy Bee calling Jensen & Jared, J

Natalia Cordova-Buckley calling Jared, J

Clif, Guy Bee, & Jim Michaels calling Jared & Jensen, the J’s

Danneel calling Jared “The other one”

Jensen calling Jared “Big Jay”

Ruth Connell calling Jared, Big J


Jensen says that both he & Jared call each other J/Jay - Chicago Con 2011


Richard explains how he is just a regular guy, while Misha decides to peek in on the panel.  


Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen on the idea of a musical episode of Supernatural.


Matt Cohen doing his famous Jensen Ackles imitation.

(not the best quality but Matt Cohen is quality no matter what so)