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Let me fucking tell you about my Friday.

So get this. The frozen manager in my store went on vacation. It’s bad enough that we’re super super fucking understaffed BUT – because it’s just me, him and Jose running both dairy and frozen, Jose stayed in his department naturally and I became Doug for the week. I had me that 40 hour work week.

My only day off was this past Friday and the day off I had before that was the last Friday before that one. Nuts, right? That work life.

Friday morning I had made plans to go to Merrillville Indiana to shop at this bookstore because I’m still looking for the Vanity Fair magazine with Carrie Fisher on the cover. Still no luck, it breaks my heart.

So in order for me to get a car, since I still am car-less, I had to drop my mother off at work. So I woke up at 4:50am and was like “do I stay up once I get home and wait to leave at 9 or do I try to go back to sleep until 8?” – I decided to stay up and shower. The morning was FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. That’s why I decided to stay up. I was just overly pleased with life.

I took a nap I guess? for two Workaholics episodes and got up and headed to the mall.

Steven called me when I was on my way and asked if I could pick him up from work and grab lunch. We set it up and I was maybe 20 minutes “late” due to traffic on the expressway on my way to him.

I bought a book to make myself feel better for the lack of Vanity Fair. It’s this serial killer book. It’s sort of like this one book I’ve been wanting for years now so it’s the closet thing I’ll get to it and I am perfectly ok with that.

I searched for a fuckin bikini top and of course, no luck. They’re all ugly and my boobs are too big. Speaking of which, I went to Victoria Secret to buy some undergarments and found out I’m just a tiny smidge away from being a bigger cup size. Imagine that. Crazy. Kind of thrilling. Felt pretty cool about it.

I went to the Vans store to check out the Peanuts collab in person and yknow, maybe try on a pair or two. The guy who helped me out was talking to me for a while. It was dead. I was the only one there besides his coworker so I appreciated the interaction with him. We talked about Vans, books, movies, the Vans community and how we’re both not into trends.

He was a pretty solid dude. 

Words can’t express how badly I want to work there. I can’t because of the lack of car and it being kind of a distance for me. I don’t think the gas would be worth it, yknow? The other one I know of is also a distance. I don’t know. I know a lot about the brand. I knew shit he didn’t know of AND he’s been working there for a year.

- Got Steven.
- Saw Liz and Lino.
- Pet a duck.
- Got Arnie’s hot dogs.
- Picked up mom from work with Steven.
- Printed tickets to Tiny Moving Parts.
- Went to Target. Bought stuff. Got more coffee, obviously.
- Saw Kyle.
- Jumped on the express to head to the show.
- Caught “Have Mercy”’s set. They were good.

“Tiny Moving Parts” were fucking AMAZING. [pictured above]. What wasn’t amazing was the crowd. They didn’t move AT ALL. If anything there was some pushing but that’s it. Everyone there was there for “Real Friends” since they were the headliners. Steven said everyone there was dressed like they were at Coachella and it was true.

I tried to find Dylan or anyone from the band so I could meet them. I had a goal to meet and I failed because of how awkwardly shaped the venue was. It was fucking WEIRD. I’m hoping bands I see in the future don’t play there. but yknow, it happens. I guess it’s better than the Aragon and I hate that place.

- Steven and I left after TMP.
- Got gas.
- Hopped back on the expressway [again. I was on the expressway ALL FUCKING DAY!]
- Met up with Kevin at this brewery called “!8th Street Brewery” and had two beers and poutine for the first time. It was interesting. Also had ‘beer gummies’ hahahaha.

Came home, talked to Aaron, watched Workaholics, went to bed.

I took full advantage of my day off and loved every fucking second of it.


Beer of the Night

In my right hand is Sofie, a Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale from the Goose Island brewery in Chicago.

Tart, dry sparkling ale with spicy white pepper notes, a hint of orange peel and a creamy vanilla finish.”

In my left hand is Sophie, my 15-year-old dog of debatable heritage.

“Mostly deaf, failing eyesight, and somewhat stinky. Often found sleeping with her tongue sticking out. A voracious lover of treats and a world-class snuggle-dog.”


Pipeworks “Something Hoppy This Way Comes”

91 A-

Something Hoppy This Way Comes is an Imperial IPA with rotational release. It features an interesting addition of white wheat, as well as two other hop varieties I don’t recall ever seeing before. Pipeworks is a fairly new Chicago brewery that began with money raised on Kickstarter. Aromas are fruity like peach, ripe grapefruit, and lemon. Grassy hops are detailed by pine needles. Malts appear as lightly caramelized sweet notes.

The palate makes a bittersweet introduction saturated by herbal hops, including flavors of fresh-cut grass and green onion. As smooth wheat accumulates, sweetness rises slightly above the bitterness for a brief moment. Citric sour notes rise up on the back in a lemon tart flavor combined with grapefruit zest. Next comes a quick splash of fruity flavors related to pineapple and plantain. Perpetual hop oils continue to cling in a bitterness flavored like grapefruit peel and mint. The mouthfeel is smooth over dull carbonation, departing clean, skipping the palate wreck effect.

Overall, I think this is a tasty double with steady sweet support, which may actually come across a touch too sweet according to some. The thing is, bitterness is fairly low, so there’s not as much counterbalance (although this does open up a steady stream of pleasant hop flavor). Drinkability is impressive, especially considering the high ABV. That lower than average bitterness also opens up room for more alcohol exposure, because it comes across a little boozy, and 10% isn’t easy to hide. It’s good, but not great. I still recommend it.

Known Hops: Sorachi Ace, Zythos, Cascade

Known Malts: 2-row, white wheat



Chicago, Illinois


Pipeworks “Citra”

96 A+

Citra is an Imperial IPA with rotational release. This will be my first experience with Pipeworks. Thank you, Dave Melam! Aromas are bursting with citrus in a bittersweet combination of grapefruit and orange. Tropical fruit notes provide juicy details resembling mango and pineapple. Herbal hops come across like wild onion, weeds, and grass. Malts provide a candy-like sweetness reminiscent of butterscotch. Its deep amber color reveals a heavy-handed malting.

In many ways, the palate closely resembles the nose. A sweet introduction of caramel malts slide in with a firm, supportive body which keeps to the low register. Hops emerge with bright highlights of citrus targeting sweet orange, then shifts toward bitter/sour grapefruit. Herbal hops overlay dank, grassy tendencies while the middle palate develops toward a tropical fruit character revealed like pineapple. In conclusion, earthy hops dig deeper toward a bitter climax revealing green onion and grass. Fruity esters remain as the final contributor. Mouthfeel begins quite wet and oily, concluded by a bit of hoppy dryness balanced with sticky malts. Carbonation lands a tad empty (I would prefer a bit more bubbly). Astringency is considerably low, which greatly contributes to the drinkability factor. Alcohol comes through with a bit of warmth on the aftertaste, but manages to withhold intrusive flavor.

Overall, I find a stunning balance of bitter and sweet, where malts provide more assertive input than your average double IPA. The sweet balance distorts my ability to perceive the dense bitterness. So, I can see why Pipeworks chose the ninja to visually represent this. The sustain is quite short, allowing for considerable ease in drinking. If you’re a genuine hop head, you’ve got to appreciate how the Citra hop variety performs on its own. Time and time again, this little hop proves it can hold its own with a dynamic display of aroma and flavor. This is one firecracker of a double IPA that’s certain to satisfy your hop thirst. It’s a great introduction to Pipeworks, so I look forward to even more hoppy goodness from this Chicago brewery. I recommend it!

Known Hops: Citra



Chicago, Illinois