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NB Blackhawk Savanna Aug. 69 by Joseph Petric
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During an overnight impromptu excursion, CB&Q’s northbound “Blackhawk” makes its 12:57 am stop in Savanna, Illinois, August 1969.


2016-17 Goals Game 54/82 (vs Dallas Stars)

Goal 1: Hartman
Goal 2: Forsling
Goal 3: Kane (268th career goal, tying Tony Amonte for 6th most goals in Blackhawks history)
Goal 4: Van Riemsdyk
Goal 5: Toews (Empty Net/Powerplay)
**Game Notes**: Crawford with his 202nd career win which passes Ed Belfour for 3rd most goalie wins in Blackhawks history.

Disney Princess Jonathan Toews

Happy 27th birthday! It’s time to celebrate your Disney Princess status.

A friend of animals large


and small,


Befriending children left


and right,


Using appropriate language




Ready for your dazzling dance numbers


And that special dance with Prince Charming.



Less ready for your big ballad.

Regardless, you are a perfect Disney Princess, through and through.


Happy birthday, and you keep doing you.



Happy 27th birthday to Captain Serious!


Blackhawks TV Season One: Episode 1
This is the first of five episodes from the Blackhawks TV Season One (2009-2010) DVD.

So I cleaned the fuck out of my room the other day and found my old Blackhawks DVDs. I decided to rip them and throw them on YouTube for you guys.

The following videos are from the Blackhawks TV Season One (2009-2010) DVD. These aired on CSN Chicago, WGN, and/or NBC 5 in Chicago during the 2009-10 season. I know the individual videos are on the BHTV YouTube channel, but the full episodes aren’t anywhere on the web, as far as I know.

Hope you enjoy this bit of Blackhawks history!

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Blackhawks TV For Kids

June 24, 2006: The Chicago Blackhawks draft Jonathan Toews 3rd overall.

June 24, 2010: Duncan Keith wins his first Norris Trophy.

June 24, 2013: Dave Bolland and Bryan Bickell score 17 seconds apart with 76 seconds left in the third period of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, to bring home the Cup.

June 24, 2014: Duncan Keith wins his second Norris Trophy.

June 24, 2017: The Chicago Blackhawks host the NHL Draft for the first time in franchise history.

During last night’s intense, record breaking play-time, triple overtime playoff game against Anaheim, I turned to the spouse after Andrew Shaw’s disallowed head butt goal and jokingly commented, “now that’s a hat-trick!” 

I was then reminded that the origins of the term hat-trick (three goals scored by a single player in one game), actually originate with the Blackhawks.

As the legend goes, ‘Hawks forward, Alex “Killer” Kaleta, before a game against Toronto in 1946, walked into a Toronto haberdashery with the intent to buy a hat. As he was just back from serving in the war, he was short on funds and was unable to afford the one he had selected. The shop owner, Sammy Taft, made a deal with Kaleta, telling him that if he made three goals against the Maple Leafs that night, he would give him the hat for free. Kaleta would go on to cash in on Taft’s offer, scoring four.

Though there are many different accounts on the origins of the term hat-trick, this seems to be the most supported, evidenced by news stories from that night in January of 1946. This is also the only official account recognized by the NHL.

(thanks to mcgone for the photo update)