chicago balls

Possible upcoming appearances/performances

* confirmed

  • CMAS - 11/8 (Nashville, TN)
  • EMAs - 11/12 (Wembley, London, UK)
  • VSFS - 11/20 (Shanghai, China)
  • Jingle Ball - 12/1 (Los Angeles, CA)*
  • Poptopia 12/2 (San Jose, CA)*
  • Jingle Bash - 12/7 (Chicago)*
  • Jingle Ball - 12/8 (NYC)*

▶️ will update accordingly ◀️

Cancel your order for another graphic tee. Festival fashion for men just got an upgrade.

RompHim. Get it, like a romHER, but now for him. They’re so funny and awesome at the same time, they just have to be worn. They seem like a joke but I’m fairly serious about getting guys to wear these. They’re perfect for a festival, and will stand out as a unique look for a brave guy!

The kickstarter page has reached it’s goal, so it’s safe to say production will begin soon. Their page says they’re made in Chicago, and will always be made in the US no matter what. 

You can make a pledge on their site to get your own. For $95, you can get one RomHim and they’ll ship it anywhere in the world. Buy yours here!