chicago at thanksgiving


It’s not “Black Friday.”   It is the day after Thanksgiving.

Instead of a Throwback Thursday, I am in the mood for a Soapbox Friday.   So, do you remember when stores were closed on Thanksgiving Day and salespeople were home with family and friends?  It was an era where working in retail could mean a fulltime job with a living wage and benefits.  The day after Thanksgiving was also the first time you saw any Christmas decorations in a store.  And, if you did buy something, there was a much better chance it was made in the U.S. 

Now having gotten all my judgements out of the way I’ll say this again like I said in my tags:

I knew they’d find a way to show us she is there. They didn’t have to and we could have never known for sure. But they purposely put her in the snaps and they 100% know what they are doing.