Diner Grill in Chicago, IL

One of the best things about diners is their diversity: although they’re in the same city, Diner Grill is about as far from Lou Mitchell’s as you can get. Located in a quieter, more residential neighborhood, the diner consists of a counter with a few stools where watching the cooks deftly dance around each other at the grill is the main attraction. We got the “hobo skillet”—eggs on top of hashbrowns, peppers, onions, and cheese—and it was almost as fun to watch them make as it was to eat. Almost.

(Yes, we know the sign on the side of the building says “Dinner Grill,” but the place is actually called “Diner Grill.” Go figure.)

TAYLOR! You have seriously outdone yourself with this tour! Everything is so perfect and beautiful! I love what you did with the songs and ASDFGHJKLASDFGH the setlist is perfect! Thank you so much for caring and for putting so much time and effort into this! And the band, the starlights, the dancers, and the crew are amazing too!!! And Tay you looked so happy and sounded incredible! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love u lots Tay ❤️ taylorswift


New Vintage Map Restoration: 1898 Bird’s-Eye View of Chicago

I don’t normally give vintage maps that I’ve digitally restored their own blog post, but this one is just too amazing not to share in full detail. It’s an absolutely stunning bird’s-eye view of central Chicago in 1898 — just one year after the opening of the elevated Union Loop — and it has some of the most intricate detail that I’ve ever seen in one of these maps. Every building, factory, railroad station, streetcar, train, horse, tree and lamp post in the city seems to be shown with absolute precision and clarity…

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