I was telling friends about how, using a hoodie and a wide scarf, I have developed a method of dressing where only my eyes are exposed, which has been necessary lately. One of them reminded me I own a pair of steampunk goggles, thus rendering even my eyes safe from the cold. I gave it a try and I’m pleased with the result. 

I never post photos of myself but I think this one really caught the essence of my personality. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Yeezy Season 3

And none of them have to do with the clothes.


At this point, the anticipation for the release of Kanye West’s seventh studio album The Life of Pablo has reached insurmountable heights. After dropping a few singles, teasing the track list and changing the album name THREE times we are still no closer to a solid release date (maybe today?). But thanks to Yeezy Season 3 aka 20,000 person listening party at Madison Square Garden, we had the chance to finally listen to the much anticipated project (sans 8 additional songs that will be on the final release). If I wasn’t excited enough about the album before, I surely am now. With features from Rihanna, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Young Thug, Kirk Franklin, Chance the Rapper and many more, TLOP is destined to be a banger if not a classic. To quote Kanye himself, “This is a gospel album” and I’m ready to go to church.

2. Chance’s verse on “Ultra Light Beams”

As a Chicago-bred Kanye fan, this show was definitely a proud moment for me. It was truly inspiring to see some of Kanye’s dreams realized. But perhaps my greatest “proud Chicagoan” moment was hearing fellow Chicago artist Chance the Rapper spit the most flawless verse of 2016 on the intro track “Ultra Light Beams”. 

3. Naomi Campbell

It really wasn’t fair when Naomi Campbell showed up on the platform with the fur and singlehandedly slayed all 1200 models in proximity. I feel like we all had a collective “Yaaaaaasssss bitch” moment. Here’s photographic evidence:

4. Confirmation that Frank Ocean is indeed alive and capable of still making music (even if it isn’t his own)

Well look who came out of hiding! Not only was he in attendance of Thursday’s event, but we were also surprised to hear him on the revamped version of “Wolves”. You know what this means…Frank Ocean has physically been in the studio. There is hope at last.

5. Watching Kanye get hyped off of his own music

The gif says it all. What’s greater than watching Kanye get excited about…well, Kanye?

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6. New Young Thug

Towards the end of the show, Thugger decided to connect his phone to the AUX cord and bless us all with a new track. I have no idea what it’s called (or what he’s saying for that matter) but it’s a certified banger. Did we expect anything less?

7. Because aesthetics

The presentation of the show was actually inspired by an image of a Rwandan refugee camp housing Hutus during the Rwandan Genocide, taken by Paul Lowe in 1995 just a day after a massacre (top image). The draped tarps, weathered clothing and crowded pits of people are not just for the sake of art but mirror a sombre moment in world history.

8. The diversity of the models 

Yeezy Season 3 featured about 1200 models, primarily black, with a variety of different heights, shapes, shades, etc. This was quite a feat for NYFW, and definitely a more realistic consumption of beauty and diversity.

9. Kanye’s personal interjections

Throughout the show, Kanye of course offers some narrative on his many inspirations and ideas. However my personal favorite monologues were the ones of a more off-color nature, such as egging on the crowd’s “Fuck Nike” chant and then going on to say how people came to MSG to watch him play “one on no one” (no shade to Michael Jordan though). I was also thoroughly entertained by him thanking fashion darling and former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld, for being a “real bitch”. Oh, Kanye.

10. The last 8 minutes

After standing for a whopping 90 minutes in heels, you could tell that some of Kanye’s models were getting tied, not tired but tied. Often, you would see some of them sit down and take breaks from standing throughout the show. When Kanye finally leaves for backstage and hands over the DJ reigns to his righthand man Virgil Abloh, the scene transforms into a full-blown party. As Young Thug’s “Danny Glover” blares over the speakers, some of the models begin to form a mosh pit and start dancing with wild abandon. It’s actually really fun to watch them let loose and relax after what probably felt like an eternity of standing. A few maintain their stoic dispositions while the models in the pit go absolutely ham, but this soon changes as Rihanna’s “Work” comes on and then everyone is left winding and singing along to the infectious track. This was one of my favorite moments of the entire show because I just loved seeing so many young people uninhibited, genuinely enjoying themselves and the experience.

Click here to watch Yeezy Season 3 and see for yourself.


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DBM SS216 Fashion Show X Party

True Crime Weekend

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

During prohibition anyone who drank alcohol was a criminal and those criminals all turned to the gangs for what they wanted.
One of the best known gangsters of the 1920s was Al Capone. During what would become known as the “Chicago Beer Wars” Capone and George “Bugs” Moran fought back and forth for power in the city. This escalating violence would come to a head on Valentine’s Day in 1929.

The plan was to kill Moran and any accompanying men but the plan would ultimately fail as “Bugs” Moran was not present at the time of the shooting. 

Two paid lookouts gave a signal to Capone’s men, two in plain clothes and two dressed as police officers, that Moran and his men were in the warehouse (as it would turn out, the lookouts had mistaken another man for Moran, thus saving his life). The men dressed as officers lined the seven unarmed men (two were not even involved with Moran, just civilians at the wrong place at the wrong time) up along a wall, pretending they were conducting a raid, before showering the men with machine gun bullets.
The pretend officers then led the plain clothed men out of the building, with their hands up as though an arrest was being conducted, and drove away.
The real police would arrive soon after neighbors who had gone to investigate the noise of gun shots and howling dogs, found the bloody scene.

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