chica the duck

And that’s why I don’t draw crossovers ( well not really) I hope you’re happy now misscaptaineo. I did this for your fault, uh love u buddy~♥ Soo yeah Five nights at Disney (this is not related to fnati)


What if

Well the animatronics sing and talk to kids, so they’d have to have voices right?

What if somehow, the Phone Guy was Freddy?

Think about it— their pizzeria is closing at the end of the year so they want to have as much fun until they were shut down forever (as far as they know, ignore FNAF2 for right now)? What if Freddy wanted to play a game with the security guard and act like the Phone Guy to tell Mike the rules? Then, on Night 4, he and the other animatronics faked the death scene, and on Night 5, had Foxy do the garbled Autobiography of a Yogi excerpt? (Since Foxy was out of service, his voice was probably messed up.)

There was no Phone guy and there never was.