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“OML OKAY I HAVE A REQUEST IDEA!! So the reader is getting rly stressed about exams (seeing as it’s that season again ;-;) and ends up having a breakdown. Chica comes in and tries to cheer the reader up with cuddles and being cute but when that doesn’t work Chica finds mark and brings him to the reader to help and fluff happens :,)) I’m so sorry this is so long :,,,,,,)” 

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The textbooks seemed to mock you. 
Nothing you read stayed in your mind. Words became fuzzled as you tried to get some kind of information from the books. 
You were already stressed about the upcoming exams, this bullshittery was just adding to the growing plate of anxiety. 
You shoved the textbook away in a fury of frustration. Tears stung your eyes but you refused to let them fall. 
Hurriedly brushing them away and breathing in a deep sigh. 
“I’m going to do fine,” You tried to reassure yourself. “It’s just a little test.  You’ve read through everything already. You know what it is.” 
But your words fell heavy as the crushing dread your situation flooded your mind. 
A quiet sob burst from your chest, and it seemed to be the breaking point. 
Tears streamed down your cheeks and you leaned back against your bed, stifling your sniffles in your knees as you curled into a ball. 

Unbeknownst to you, a particular fluffy canine had heard you. A black nose pushed against the small crack in your closed door and squeezed into the room. 
She was rarely allowed in your bedroom. Chica only came in when Mark allowed it or you would call her as she passed the door.
She stepped quietly towards you, surprising you with her wet nose prodding your arm. 
“Oh, Chica!” You sniffled, wiping away your tears. “Hey, girl. How’d you get in here?” 
Chica sat beside you, her tail wagging gently as her left paw came up to touch your hand. She then pushed her snout into your fingers and pressed her body against yours. 
You chuckled, still wiping away the tears. “I’m alright, girl. Just stressed.” 
You scratched her nose. Chica whined when you stopped and tried wriggling under your arm. 
“Chica, not now please.” You said, a little too firmly. “I’m not in the mood, girl.” 
You felt bad when Chica’s tail stopped moving, and she lifted her head from your lap. Looking at you almost reproachfully. 
You felt even worse when she turned and trotted out of your room, tail tucked under her belly. 
You tightened your hold on your legs. You hated crying. Especially at something stupid like school-work. 
It always came down to this. You breaking down over a test. It was a vicious cycle. 

“Chica what are you doing? Let go of my pants!” 
You looked up at Chica backed up into your room. Her jaws were clamped around a loose pair of trousers, which were being worn by her adoring owner, Mark. 
“Honestly. (Y/N) do you know why-” Mark halted when he saw you on the ground. Eyes red and swollen from crying, hiccuping with quiet sobs. 
“(Y/N) what’s wrong?” He asked, moving by Chica (who had released his pants upon entering the room) and crouching beside her. “Are you ok?” 
You tried to nod, but the movement wasn’t very assuring when another burst of tears rolled down your face. 
“I-It’s just school-work.” You hiccuped, wiping your tears with your sleeve. “I-I don’t think I c-can do it? What if I fail?” 
Mark moved beside you and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pulling you against his side. 
“Don’t think like that,” He said softly. His arms enveloping you. “You’re smart. You’ll be able to beat this test easily. It’s just an exam, nothing you haven’t done before.” 
You shook your head, “But everything I read just-”
Mark hushed you, squeezing your shoulders. “It’s ok. Don’t worry about it now. Have a break, ok? Let’s go get something to eat, huh?” 
Mark shook your shoulders gently, rocking both of you side to side gently. As if soothing a child. 
Chica walked over Mark to get to you. Her nose pressing against your cheeks and her tail wagging madly as you stroked her head. 
“Ow, Chica that would be my dick!” Mark groaned with pain, moving Chica off his groin. Then spluttering as her tail slapped into his face. 
You couldn’t help but laugh at the scene. Hugging Chica close as Mark pushed her off him, spitting fur and wiping it off his tongue. 
He half glared at Chica, but smiled when he saw her cuddle up to you. She collapsed into your lap and you ran your fingers through her fur. 
The stress of everything seemed to disappear as you patted the loving dog. Mark stayed with you, kicking the text-book away from you with a disgusted grunt.

ysastrology  asked:

For your Mark and Dark comic I had an idea that Chica attended the court scene and ran to the real Mark at one point, and that's how everyone realized they've been living with a fake :s (It's just a thought tho, you don't gotta follow through with it, do your thing my guy ✌️)

That’s a interesting take on my story, and thank you for sharing that idea! I will definitely be using Chica for a crucial point in the story, once I actually start drawing it lmao, and I guarantee your heart will break.

I think.

Once I draw a proper dog.


But thank you, thank you! I hope it would be that easy buddy, but you’re in the face of a master manipulator. It won’t be that simple ;)

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top 5 OQ scenes :D

chica you spoil me :) ps sorry this took so long 

5. This sexy farmhouse scene 

4. That first kiss where she eats his face 

3. That nose touch (then our hearts were all shattered) 

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2. that absolutely adorable dance scene

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1. The entirety of that steamy vault scene 

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Honorable mentions (cause who can only pick 5 moments between these two?): 


Guys listen,

I think I know what is up with those scenes of “you” supposedly being in the Freddy suit onstage with Bonnie and Chica that appear after you complete every night.

“It’s me”

What if this is a flashback of the murderer hiding in the Freddy suit?

Because it seems after every night this scene shows Chica and Bonnie growing more and more suspicious of you.

So what if you are going to be seeing things through the eyes of the murderer of the five children?