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My Lea/Kayla sculpt Barbie dolls by Annette29aag
Via Flickr:
Seated in front, Made to Move orange top and Magical Mermaid Kayla. Left to right - Fashion Fever Kayla, Made to Move purple top on a Model Muse body, Secret Spells Kayla, Barbie Basics Model 5 Collection 1, Fairytopia Lenara, California Girl Lea, Make up Chic Lea, and Mystery Squad Kenzie. It’s been a long time since I posted photos of my play line Barbie dolls. Made to Move articulated dolls and my Fashion Royalty dolls have renewed my interest in Barbie. Don’t worry, I still love Monster High! I’m less interested in the more recent MH dolls though. I really like MTM orange top, so I decided to put together all my Lea/Kayla sculpt dolls for a photo. The only dolls who were NOT found at Value Village are Fashionista Kayla, MTM orange top, and MTM purple top. Purple top body swapped with a Barbie Basics Mackie sculpt, you’ll see her in a future photo shoot. It’s interesting that this sculpt comes in different sizes. Kenzie, California, Mermaid, and Secret Spells have a noticeably smaller head than the others. Lenara and Makeup Chic have rooted lashes. Makeup Chic is also the only one with side glancing eyes. I am trying to reduce my collection, so if anyone needs one of these girls send me a PM. I’m only attached to Basics and MTM.