chic a go go

“Mark and the Malamute” - Digital Oil Painting

“This is why I got him; because he laughs. I thought he was laughing at all my jokes… turns out it’s my fashion sense. I stand by that green sweater!”

Mark is very loyal to his clothes. I was going to go with a modern Mark Hamill and go for a Grandpa-Chic feel… but it just wasn’t going with the rest of the series. So we have a Classic Mark instead. ^_^

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No Filter Challenge

I was tagged forever ago by @wild-pixel and @cmpixels and I am not good at doing stuff lmao but I got to it eventually so props to me

Rules: Grab a sim that is associated with your blog a lot and remove all of their cc except hair, eyebrows and skin color, then do a before and after.

Idk who has/hasn’t done this challenge yet but I will tag anybody who thinks Better or Love Me Down should be the next single off Glory 💋 if there even is another one. I mean she goes on tour in June there has to be another single to promote the tour right?


My apartment has reached that point where we need more bookshelves than we have room for. The con last weekend really didn’t help the situation either.