I apologize beforehand for ruining everyone’s Pokesonas and for not realizing earlier that I was s'pposed to draw Naowott not Chibuiren agh ;;

I couldn’t fit everyone in the end like I wanted to buuuut you guys are all just really cool and very nice people ok? S-So here’s to y'all, as cheesy as it is, you deserve it~

… A-And I think I deserve rest for a bit myself, been working all day. G'night! *crawls under a rock*

You have a lot of potential to become a harem lead yourself!

Happy Birthday, Master! Not sure if I’m late? How do timezones even work… anyway! I hope you like this and that you have a nice birthday! And I also hope I didn’t butcher your amazing character designs aheh~ ;;

A harem made up of an old Pokesona and an artificial being… And suddenly, I swear we were all Geo! *brick’d*

I don’t think I’d make a good main character! I’d rather be a supporting one o uo; Regardless, this looks great, Geo! And I actually really like seeing my characters in your style! Thanks a bunch!!