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You are so right - there is definitely too little Piney, Bobby, Clay :-). So, what do you think would Piney, Bobby, Clay do / how would they handle, if they had a girl (daughter / niece ) in the club, who is also dating one of the sons? By the way: You should get a award for your great work at your blog!

I have a couple centered around being their daughter and getting involved with the club and Sons 

Clay’s daughter:

Bobby’s daughter:

CHib’s daughter:


#how would you like it ifa friend you truly and dearly cared about like#there were rumors about you spread that u were fricken and thats all it as#tyoud be offended and be like no but its more than that its love but it doesnt have to be like that#humans are capable in compassion of many different forms #and now like#imagine a character you spent so much time crafting#and a relationship you worked o hard to convey to an audience#reduced to nothing but #‘they together’ #'they fricken’#do you see why this is a problem

i love pamela