Images or text?

What would everyone prefer, that I do more text post and occasionally post image facts. or that I just stick to what I’m doing and post when I can?


How to attract a Libra woman:

Libra Women are easy to get their attention, but hard to get their affection. Libra Women are natural flirts and popular, so you have to act fast in getting them interested. Of course this is just scratching the surface. Libra’s in general are indecisive and prefer to take their time in being in a real relationship.  Once you have her attention and she begins to enjoy your company, take a few steps back and give her space and time to think. This will make her feel like you really are considering her feelings and not pressuring her into a relationship.


This of course isn’t all the there is to attract a Libra Women. 

Please let me know what you want. Thanks everyone!

eastern sign charms?

Sorry for all the random questions and post lately.

Here’s another one, would you all buy eastern zodiac charms? I thought it would be a cute idea for people to buy both their eastern and western signs, but I don’t know what do all of you think? 

Also thank you to all of you who responded to my last question. I will keep doing the images. It will take me a while to post them, but I will do my best to give you all accurate results. 

Thanks everyone!

Awe aquarius lost the love of life… Luckily Pisces is there to console him!

So I’m going to be on and off the next two weeks because I’m working on a pretty big projects that will hopefully lead me to my dream career. So if I don’t post anything for a few days then post a ton later you know why….
Sorry for any inconveniences!


Question: “Wait are you saying that I depict them more as male? Or that everyone else does?” You do, in your comics and such. They’re always male?

Answer: If you go to the Scorpio tag in the blog you will see all of these of female Scorpio in the first two pages. Are you trying to say that that I give her a more male personality?

sorry this was meant for the chibi zodiacs blog