Awe aquarius lost the love of life… Luckily Pisces is there to console him!

So I’m going to be on and off the next two weeks because I’m working on a pretty big projects that will hopefully lead me to my dream career. So if I don’t post anything for a few days then post a ton later you know why….
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Scorpio and Capricorn 2

A request by Moderndaywoodstock  

I want to say so many comments about all my strips, but alas I don’t have the nerve for it. So I will kinda make a couple of things clear here. Cancer had a bigger role to play here with Capricorn being all over the place, but I decided to cut it off since it really wasn't necessary so she then became just decoration. As for why Scorpio went to as Aquarius for advice, its because Aquarians are the ones that writes books about all of the zodiac’s personalities so they know almost everything that needs to be known about each one including themselves, but that’s for another story in the future.

Part 1

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Question: “Wait are you saying that I depict them more as male? Or that everyone else does?” You do, in your comics and such. They’re always male?

Answer: If you go to the Scorpio tag in the blog you will see all of these of female Scorpio in the first two pages. Are you trying to say that that I give her a more male personality?

sorry this was meant for the chibi zodiacs blog