Super casual Dragonair gijinka from today - or at least what it wiuld have been had I not forgotten to take my white shirt with me ..

#pastelgoffdragonair 💕👑

Anyway, I love this wig and can’t wait to actually do this cosplay properly! ♡

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I’ll do more palette challenge stuff tomorrow - so far we have to go:

Castle in the Sky - Sorey (Tales of Zestiria) @valourheart-xiv
Saltwater Tears - Larsa ( I’ll just do one) ( FFXII ) - @chibiwing 
Guidance - Balthier ( FFXII/WotL) @elezenchaser 
The Sweetest Chill - Kuja ( FF9 ) @khujatotayuun
Sodas and Skateboards - Caius Ballard - @varaen
Without a Heart - Zelos ( Tales of Symphonia ) @summonercoeur-ffxiv
High Fashion - Tifa ( FF7 ) @zenathered

<3 I’ve learned a lot as I’ve been painting these and I’m starting to get the hang of it, thanks! 

Had some great suggestions for the palette meme! If you’re not tagged in this, you repeated either character or palette, feel free to send me another! Remember, anyone from Tales, FF or BOF series (EXCLUDING MMOS)!

‘What I gain, I lose’ - Vincent Valentine (FF7) @littlezelcovabigworld
‘Cherry Soda’ - Lulu (FFX) - @presstoshoot
‘Anxiety’ - Nina (BOF2) - @humanmagi
‘Sylveon’ - Sheena Fujibayashi (Tales of Symphonia) @cyrusstarchaser
‘Castle in the Sky’ - Sorey - ( Tales of Zestiria ) - @valourheart-xiv
‘Subtle Melancholy’ - Larsa ( FFXII )
‘Saltwater Tears’ - Vayne ( FFXII ) - @chibiwing ( grrr it won’t tag?! )
‘Guidance’ - Balthier ( FFXII / War of the Lions ) @elezenchaser (really tumblr?)


‘Sodas and Skateboards’ - Caius Ballad ( FF13-2 ) @varaen
’The sweetest chill” - Kuja (FF9) - @khujatotayuun

Also some great choices in there - some of my all time favourites (Including a surprise Nina, BOF2 was such an amazing game, hrngh… and Sheena! She was my favourite though getting her all powered and doing them temples was a paaaaain)

I’ll be doing some of these over the week coming as practise runs.