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Do you think we'll get a full-on Kaneki vs Sasaki, inner turmoil, battle for control before Sasaki accepts his past memories? Like Sasaki has conflicting loyalties, he wants to save Kaneki but he has to remain loyal to the CCG, it's only a matter of time until he has to choose. Kaneki wasn't able to make a choice and ended up being broken by Jason cause of it, Sasaki is too precious and I can't handle history repeating itself...

You know, this is one of the points I’m conflicted about as a reader and fan of the banana mom. As a reader I WANT another Ch140, because that was absolutely terrible and beautiful. Please, Ishida-sensei, give me another chapter-long journey to Kaneki/Haise’s mind, where I can cry and chew over the symbolism for weeks. But at the same time I want Haise to be just happy, and not confused and in pain like he has been in the last few chapters. Sasaki really is too precious (TT)

I think we will get another long look into his mind, but I think it won’t be a “battle for control” per se. Ch140 was the cumulation of Kaneki’s turmoil. As painful as it was, it was very, very, gentle in its presentation, which arguably made it have more of an impact. I think a similar thing is going to happen with Haise and Chibishiro. I believe his amnesia was mainly due to physical trauma to his brain, but it was also a psychological defense mechanism. He just couldn’t deal with it anymore, so he/Kaneki’s memories went to sleep. There’s been all sorts of external triggers (Nishiki, Touka, Hinami, Shuu, etc) but Haise still hasn’t gotten his memories as Kaneki back. When his memories do return, they’ll do so because he’ll be ready to face them again, not because there was some fight with Chibishiro. I’ve talked in-depth about Chibishiro and Haise here too.

Long story short, I think Kaneki’s memories (or a part of it) will return when Haise is ready for them. There will be pain, and lots of tears, but ultimately it’ll be a peaceful merging. The TG fandom loves finding parallels, but there are key differences in where TG:re is heading versus TG. This time, I believe Sasaki/Kaneki will be able to make a choice, and (hopefully) the right one.

(As for what exactly will happen in the next chapter as he faces Shuu… I have no idea.) 

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Do you think there's any chance that Kaneki's memories returned in the recent chapter after that headache? Or do you think it's entirely Haise on the rooftop?

I think it’s entirely Haise.

At this point it feels like this reaction is from recognizing Shuu as the man in the park, not as Tsukiyama-san who was part of Kaneki’s group in TG. In the new few chapters Chibishiro is probably going to make an appearance though ;;

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Do you think Haise will still see ChibiShiro after he regains his memories? I've been thinking lately that just because he gets his memories back doesn't mean he'll accept who he was before and little Shiro may stick around. Or maybe if he does accept his past self; he could get a ChibiShiro and a ChibiKuro to act as the Angel and Demon on his shoulders.

Wah, I’m getting a lot of Chibishiro asks lately, I love it

Hmm. I think rejecting your past because you don’t have any memories of it is different from rejecting it with your memories intact. What Haise still has to realize is that the ghoul Kaneki acted for pretty much the same motives that drive him as Haise - the desire to protect those close to him. Thanks to Hinami he’s begun to understand Kaneki wasn’t evil, and that he was kind to others. Near the end of TG Kaneki came to the conclusion that the path he had been taking was wrong, and he decided to return to Anteiku. If Haise regained his memories as Kaneki, including his thought process leading up to Anteiku and the raid, I don’t think he would be able to reject who he was before. Haise has grown as a person, but Haise and Kaneki are still essentially the same in the motivations they have and what they cherish. 

Kaneki has been splintering ever since Chapter 1. I want him to be whole again, without his personal demons haunting him. (T.T) And really, Kuro = Angel, Shiro = Demon doesn’t work. It’s true Shironeki was more ruthless and he did morally questionable actions, but he did so because he thought he needed to in order to protect. Shironeki was never a devil. It’s one of those ideas I would enjoy if I saw in a fan art or fic, but would hate if I saw in canon.

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Do you think the Kaneki from Chapter 140, who realized his faults as the tragic hero, will appear once Haise and Shironeki come to terms with one another?

Do you mean reappear as in a hallucination?

I don’t think it’ll be as clearcut as that. Before Haise “looked” at him, Chibishiro was Centipede Shironeki and had a much more frightful appearance. Kaneki/Haise’s hallucinations can be really unpredictable on what they show or don’t show. I think of the Chibishiro Haise sees right now as being all of the past ‘neki’s bundled into one, so coming to terms with Chibishiro = coming to terms with all of his past, both the ghoul and human sides.

But of course, this is all conjecture. Who knows what path Ishida-sensei has planned for our tragic hero? The only thing I know is that I trust him wholeheartedly as the creator of this great manga :D