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I totally know what you mean…

Well and I don’t like to name names, so I won’t. That’s not the point. But I think a key difference comes around in the fact that most people use their blogs as an outlet to vent their own personal feelings. I mean, it’s built to be a platform, so it makes sense–and it’s something I do to some extent as well, as a result. I’m doing it right now.

But in my head my blog is not here to make myself feel good, it’s to make you guys feel good. That’s how and why I structure it the way I do. I want, while the rest of the fandom is exploding or raging at each other, a corner that you guys can count on being a “safe zone,” with a happy, positive attitude. A drama refuge, if you will.

I’m not always successful in that, but I really try hard.

Anyway, you add that difference in approach to the fact that I am NOT a glass half empty person by a long shot… Well. (Shrugs.)