chibis are fun to draw okay

Okay so this idea popped into my head you guys and I had to.

i am currently very tired it is quite late (1 AM) but this just really needed to happen because my sleepy tired brain said OH HELL YES to this idea and here we are. Im not great at Chibi okay, just leave me be. Also I included Robin because I fuckin love that guy and his work he’s a marvelous human being

It’s also 16 million subs time, which mean probably like five people will actually see my crazed doodle (hello!), so if you don’t think that its absolute crap (I do) drop a like. -scroll on if you don’t want to read about my jack experience, mmkay? Thanks, have fun on tumblr!-

I found Jack at about 3 mil, but the first video I watched was his 1 mil subscriber Draw my Life. He was adorable, and Irish, and I was intruiged. At the time, he was uploading the Deadpool series, and it had just started. So I watched that. And Bully. And all of Stranded Deep, Subnautica, Sims 4, and The Escapists, in a week or so. I loved the energy and spirit that he had, though, to me, he wasn’t all that loud haha.

Flash forward to now, (three? it’s about three, maybe four) years later, and I’m off to college. I still watch Jack daily, usually both videos. Only one if it’s horror, lol, I’m a baby and can’t handle the scares. I still love his energy and spirit, and I appreciate how Jack has matured and grown along with the channel. I hope to continue to watch his content for as long as he makes it.

Oh wow are you still reading this…uh…not sure how to end it… hi? Thank you for taking your time to read this, have a good rest of your day/night in this tag!

yes i know that the can has wrong perspective shut up it’s one in the morning and im trying to draw cut me some slack okay thanks

I got some new 910 boots from ToS and…………………….

They look really weird on a troll.

Ubaid (purple) does not seem to approve, and Ekon (red) seems about as confused about it as Shion. How are those claws staying on his feet anyway?!

(( I main BM Hunter on Alexstraza, in game name is spelt Shionn. ))


Okay,there’s a lot of things about this cute drawings I made.A few days ago I watched the full playlist of Cartoonz’s Gang beast game and they’re cute and funny at the same time.So why not draw them in chibi form?

It took me like 30 minutes to doodle this drawing and then 4 DAYS of colouring and I knew why it took forever…because of the background.

So my last result turned out to be this simple background of minimalist…It’s cute and fine by me.Poor @brycemcquaid being sat on by @ohmwrecker I had fun drawing these chibies:3

Now,Imma continue my comic!

Drarrytexts Game?

Okay so I don’t know if any of you know this but I’m big into art. I love drawing. I also like Visual Novels.

I draw in the manga sorta art style as you’ve seen. I can also do chibi.

This is relevant because I want to do a drarrytexts visual novel. I think it would be a really fun project. But before I do it I’d like to know if there’s an audience for such a thing. Are you interested in a visual novel for drarrytexts? Also for any of you wondering I’m on drarrytexts again. I ended up making some big decisions in my life which resulted in me having more free time. I’ll try to get at least one post a day up.



Okay darlings, took longer than expected, but Rarity is up ! ~~ She has been most fun to draw till this far as could play around a lot with all the diva poses which you can imagine ~~ She is my personal favourite for sure ~~ ♥

EDIT: Also, my laptop seems to work even though the candle tried to sabotage my arting ~~ Let’s just hope the tiny bits that still were left inside will not cause overheating or something otherwise disastrous ~~ *fingers crossed*

anonymous asked:

(on Tony and Those Shoes That Are Not Heels, Thank You Very Much): Natasha convinces Steve to do the illustrations for a Dr. Seuss-inspired book she writes for Tony, entitled "An Avenger's an Avenger, No Matter How Smol." Bucky and Clint each contribute choice quips. Bruce is quietly entertained by the entire situation. Tony attempts to burn all the copies Natasha made, but when her boss is Nicholas J. Fury, master spy, there's no way he's able to get rid of them all.

(on Tony and The Shoes, 2/2) When Tony goes after Clint (“You’re just as tall as I am, buster! Pots and kettles, man!”) for contributing, Clint snickers and shrugs it off. “I’m fun-sized,” he says. “I couldn’t skulk in the vents if I weren’t fun-sized.” Pepper snickers, Natasha mutters about ~other reasons~ why Clint’s okay with his size, while Thor inquires about the eponym (“Am I not sized for fun, then, noble hawk?”). Tony sputters and grumbles about how grown men should not skulk in vents.

It totally does not help that Steve draws Tony in his best attempt at “chibi-style” - so cute that even Pepper couldn’t hold in her squees. 

Steve was also pretty good at drawing Pouty Smol Tony but then that’s because he states he’s good at drawing Pouty People (see:  Bucky Barnes).


Bucky’s outraged sputtering was cut off when Steve kissed him until the pouting turned into a smile. 

Pouty Smol Tony with his Awesome Shoes was turned into a popular set of stickers….

(God bless you, Nonny, for making me laugh today…)

(( Hey here the mun, t-thank you so much ? I mean i’ve only answered one ask o7o;;; And i wasn’t in this fandom for a long time…But having this askblog was a lot of fun so thank you! I didn’t really talked to my followers or the other askblogs’ mun yet except @ask-jyushimatsu-matsuno ( i’m sooo happy that i met you here (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* wonderful and adorable friend) Hum and… I promise that i’ll try to answer at least one ask per week …(๑>A<๑) Oh btw i finally decided to answer asks on this askblog with the way i draw chibi (´•ω•`๑) (like the drawings above) hope that’s okay! 

Anyway please take care of me from now o/ (PS : you can talk to me whenever you want !!))

Day 1: Holding Hands

Have a tiny Mika and Yuu holding hands to start the holidays.

For the next 25 days I’ll be speed drawing these advent calendar prompts by @seitosokusha (who idk how she convince me to do so.)  These drawings may be refine later when my schedule isn’t crazy.  

Feel free to join the fun if you guys want. 

i forgot what i was trying to do and ended up doing anything.

i prob wont draw her ever again HAHA jump on and off the wagon