From last nights stream.

Chibi Dima talking to her Des who belongs to kaladis-artist
Lulu yelling at the chat group about christmas before halloween XD
Cymo Carrying a chibi Luna who belongs to tigercubmia
DREAMWEAVERS Aahal and Goblin Queen Bluebie transientday goblinqueenbluebie
annnnnnnd my Garnette <3

Thanks for joining me guys and enjoy!
Art/Luna, DiMA, Lulu, Bluebie,Garnette© bluebiesartblog
Cymo© tigercubmia
Aahal© transientday


Hello! I’ve decided I’ll open just full color chibi commissions.


  • Price might vary depending on character complexity and extra items.
  • Two characters per canvas.
  • Furries and Kemonomimis are ok.
  • I won’t draw: NSFW, gore (slightly nsfw or blood is fine)
  • Paypal only! 
  • Check my art tag for more examples of my art and commissions.

More info over here!

Send me an e-mail with title “Commission” to if interested.

Thank you so much! ;w;

So I realized that I’ve had this as my icon for a while and that when I first posted it, all I said was credit to whoever made this. Now I know better and how to find out who did this and give them credit, so I have done just that.

earthlester made this, and it is amazing. They are an amazing artist, and you really should go check out their blog and maybe give it a follow? (Top notch phanart and other youtuber fanart and fob stuff guys. They’re pretty awesome.)

Once again, I apologize for not crediting the artist earlier, I messed up. 

(I’m just gonna say it again. earthlester is the talented person behind this art)


Another plug for my other half! My boyfriend (Xplor) does this League of Legends randomizing champions thing where he (surprise surprise) randos champions and plays them in weird combos. (Go here, watch the entire video, comment! He’s great. So is RoyalPoro.)

I originally made fixed bases for these and wanted to make them like, whatever derpy chibi drawings and then got really into drawing Mordekaiser.

Spikes man. Spikes everywhere.

Yuu ” I, who has lost all his family… Did I have any reason to live for 

Don’t you dare to listen to the Drama Cd…. Your soul won’t stand it neither mine had… PROTECT THE CINNAMON ROLLS AT ALL COST! Mika’s reasons to sacrifice himself was the family…And Yuu blamed himself for leaving all the burden to Mika 8__))) bye guys

Since today it’s a very special day for me (bday taim\o/) I’m preparing a special surprise \o// HINTS: Mikayuu & dakimakuras \o/// 

Thanks for the support dears!! I love you all! <3

I got a few requests to make my chibi clones available as stickers, so I’m giving that a try! Only have matte paper right now, and looking into glossy.
(websites that make stickers for you were too confusing or too expensive, so printing and cutting these myself)

Thinking about selling them cheaper as a group and and making them available individually as well so you can get more of your favorite clone and any future clones (! <3) without getting the whole lot again.