NY Times: Snow Delays

For this week’s “On The Road” Joe Sharkey writes about this winter’s record number of weather related flight cancelations (it is quickly approaching 100,000, with another week of storms on the horizon,) and weighs benefits of the recently implemented  DOT rule which imposes hefty fines on airlines that keep passengers waiting on the runway for more than two hours, but is also partly to blame for the uptick in cancelations. Thanks to Bob Goetz for the assignment!

Campus Technology - Chi Birmingham

Here’s a new full page illustration I did for Campus Technology Magazine this month. One of my favorite things to do in a drawing is fill out a space with random clutter. At some point I had to scale back a little to keep the focus on the guy getting sucked into his computer, but I might have to stretch my legs with a couple of %100 bric-à-brac drawings on the side. Also, I think this is the first time I have ever drawn venetian blinds! So now I can check that off the list. Thanks to Scott Rovin for the assignment!

NY Times - Chi Birmingham

I got the chance to test my GIF chops for this letters piece in today’s NY Times. This is my first animated assignment and I had a lot of fun with it! Simple as it is I ran into a lot of dead-ends along the way, but I’ll have a few new tricks under my sleeve the next time I venture into gif-craft. You can check out the article here. A big thanks to AD Alexandra Zsigmond for the great assigment!