Considering I haven’t built a full elaborate garment from beginning to end since maybe 2008 for URI’s production of Amadeus and that was with two teachers over my shoulder the whole time if I needed advice. 

And THANK GOD the yoke of the cape is holding its own and supporting the weigh of those mondo-ass sleeves. 

And a HUGE thank you to my sister chibirinoa and her drafting and draping expertise for making me the pattern. I’d be totally lost without that. 

So let me tell you about this amazing and ridiculous fabric my sister had made for me! One of my favorite tumblr blogs is @paralleljulieverse and it has an amazing graphic arts series depicting random versions of Julie Andrews in Western Art. This is the series showing her characters as stain glass religious icons. My sister @chibirinoa contacted the original artist, had two yards of fabric printed, and gave it to me for Christmas!!

As I promised my sister chibirinoa here are more progress shots of Cruella! I cut the yoke pieces and I finished the collar and pinned it in place for this photo. The collar has an inner lining of the same black denim lining the corset along with cable ties at the seams to lift up the collar vertically and keep it dramatic. The most challenging thing is ahead for me thank God I have the next two days off!


GUYZ. My Christmas present from my sister chibirinoa is that she will make me a dress!! Look at this fabric! It will be a badass Disney Villains work dress complete with dalmatian print pocket linings and a back closure featuring a Dalmatian button.

The dress is the Villains print, with the sheer embellished lace as the yoke with short sleeves and a rattlesnake print black piping down the front.

I am so psyched I can’t even. It will be so hilariously fabulous!!!


In the coming weeks, will be beginning my Nova Prime Irani Rael cosplay:

With an extra super duper thanks to my amazing sister, chibirinoa, and her incredible work on the pattern building through Optitex technology and her skills. Her skills, man. 

The (maybe impossible) goal is to have it completed for Anime Boston 2015, but if I can’t have it done by than, I will bring Cruella De Vil and it is likely I may be going to Dragon*Con 2015 in Georgia to debut Nova Prime.

I may add “official Glenn Close cosplayer” to my tumblr description.