Hi everyone! Angie here with a little something I would like to ask you all. So recently you may have noticed I have been posting ChibiRikku’s (aka Guardress) Art here on tumblr. And I have been doing that so people can appreciate her art even when she no longer uses tumblr. Rikku has a very amazing talent especially when she is able to do art that very much resembles what Toei can do for Sailor moon heck her style even goes on to be compared to that of the grand goddess herself Naoko Takeuchi

Recently Rikku lost her job and is of course an artist has to survive on what she can do and being an artist is a very competitive field. she has a lot of bills to pay and has to eat as well.  Please help Rikku out by giving her comissions on art that you would like. it can be Sailor Moon art or anything of your choice. comissions would be talked through by email for what you would like and how much it would be worth.

You can get in touch with Rikku through her email:
If you wanna see more of her art please visit her DeviantArt: HERE!

please support this wonderful artist THANK YOU