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That what not to say to goth girls video; SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS THE PAIN OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC THAT I'VE HAD FOR OVER 10 YEARS D': . I think it's hilarious that general lack of manners transcends cultures or countries - Because I'm in Australia, and that shit is EXACTLY the same, to the letter, over here. *eternal face palm*



I haven’t really posted anything about me losing weight on here much over the past two years. But since I posted the photo of my stomach I got a few questions about how much I lost or what I looked like. In 2011-2012 I put on roughly 30-35kg maybe even closer to 40 I don’t exactly know, I was the heaviest I’d ever been and this happened because of extreme stress and not doing so well mentally. At the end of 2012 I started getting into nutrition fitness and until today I’m still going with it. I have my bad days, even bad months. Hell this whole fucking year has been a bad YEAR which lead me to gain back 8-10kg. BUT. That’s okay, that’s totally fine. I have the knowledge to do something about it and I’m aware of it. But I thought I’d put these up for reference seeing as I haven’t actually mentioned anything really regarding me getting healthy, because it’s something I’ve been doing for myself and didn’t really advertise it.