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The two little girls played together often. Their parents said it was just like Goten and Bra, but this time two girls, and the Briefs child being the one that’s a year younger. 

And with Saiyan playing, came fighting. It was only natural for two warrior aliens, right? Especially when Bra learned about Pan being trained. She might be smaller and younger, but she didn’t want to be left in the dust. Which is exactly why Bra was spending her time sitting on top of Pan, holding her arms down.

“Say uncle! Say uncle! I won’t get off ‘till you say uncle, dumbie!”

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-run over and clings to his leg- (chibi-pan)

          "Hey there!“ He beamed, resting a hand upon her head as he ruffled her hair. The sight of her always had him cheering up, no matter what mood he was in. He stooped down to scoop her up in his arms, pressing a kiss to her cheek. "Are you ready to have fun with grandpa?”