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"How come you got purple bandaids on your face?"

Now wasn’t this just the cutest thing?

“Well, hello there, kiddo.” Missingnin or not, she had a big soft spot for children, crouching down so that she was at the small child’s level. “These aren’t bandaids, though, they’re tattoos. Very important tattoos that certain people in my family get.”


“Hey there little one.” A warm smile crept across his features as he crouched down by her. Trunks had heard that Gohan had gotten married in this time, and that he had a daughter. The knowledge had made something in his chest ache, both because he wished that his own Gohan had been given the same chance– and also, perhaps, there was a bit of envy?

He had been on the fence over visiting, but seeing Pan made any reticence he had melt away. “I’m an old friend of your father’s.”

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"Hiya Uncle Gayten!" the four year old yelled as she ran over to him. "What're you doing?"

“Hey there Pannie.” He smiled at his niece as he crouched down, one arm curved and outstretched to pull her into a hug. “Not too much right now. I was just here to see your mom and dad.”

It wasn’t like he was doing much else, though, and he adored Pan. Making time for her was never a problem. 


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"Nana! Nana!" Pan clapped as she flew towards Broly taking a chunk of blonde hair in her palm. Why didn't this look like a normal banana?

That’s because it wasn’t–

Throughout the entirety of the child pulling on his hair, Broly is absolutely quiet save for a few grunts of pain here and there. Why was this child so strong? More importantly, where the hell did she come from?

It didn’t take long before he grew fed up with this tug of war between his herself and his skull. Before he knew it he was swatting at the child, not too hard to cause any serious pain but enough to push her back and free his hair from her grasp.

       “STOP THAT!!”

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Pan flies over and quietly places a Santa hat on Zangya. "There. Now you look like one of Santa's elves!"

Normally, she might have delivered a roundhouse kick to the face if it were any other. This one was different. Special even. Zangya didn’t stop the cute little girl from her actions. She was quite curious of the little thing who had such precious and untainted innocence after all.

Try as she might to resist, she just desired to be near that purity of hers. 

Annihilate it / Admire it…

Her gentle grip caught the child in a blink of an eye and she chuckled, holding her close with care unfitting a woman of her stature. 

—Sweet girl, I yearn to corrupt you but I also need you.

Is that so? And are you just going to laze off, hmm? Santa’s elf might need a little help. I’m sure Santa himself will be happy to give you another present for being such a good and helpful girl she winked, smiling.


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“Grandpa’s hair is impossible, so he gets off the hook.” Not that Goku would cooperate terribly well with any attempt to tame it anyway. ChiChi sighed when she reached another knot in her granddaughter’s hair. 

“I know this isn’t fun, but if your hair got a proper brushin’ more often this wouldn’t happen.”

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The two little girls played together often. Their parents said it was just like Goten and Bra, but this time two girls, and the Briefs child being the one that’s a year younger. 

And with Saiyan playing, came fighting. It was only natural for two warrior aliens, right? Especially when Bra learned about Pan being trained. She might be smaller and younger, but she didn’t want to be left in the dust. Which is exactly why Bra was spending her time sitting on top of Pan, holding her arms down.

“Say uncle! Say uncle! I won’t get off ‘till you say uncle, dumbie!”

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-run over and clings to his leg- (chibi-pan)

          "Hey there!“ He beamed, resting a hand upon her head as he ruffled her hair. The sight of her always had him cheering up, no matter what mood he was in. He stooped down to scoop her up in his arms, pressing a kiss to her cheek. "Are you ready to have fun with grandpa?”