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Chibi wasn't quite sure how he had ended up here, but since he was here, he might as well explore a little bit. The pup lifted his nose into the air, catching the scent of a human nearby. For a short while, he followed the scent, before coming across a stranger. Still, the fact that he was a stranger had no effect on Chibi, as the young god's tail began to wag, and he bounded over quite happily, letting out a high-pitched bark.

    Noctis stopped right in his tracks, ears pricking up. This was… a dog bark, wasn’t it? 

    “Umbra? Is that you?” Nah, that sounded nothing like him… right? This bark had a higher pitch to it, almost as if it came from a young pup. Still, Noctis looked around, searching for the usual dark brown coat of Luna’s dog.

… And found a tiny ball of snow-white fur instead.

    “Huh… you’re definitely not Umbra.” Kneeling before the little creature, he reached out slowly, careful not to scare him away, and gave him a soft pat on the head. “Hello there? Did you get lost?”

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Quiinnnn did you Get the Shige chibiiiii??? I didnt and I am so saaaadd I was so clooooose

Oh my goooddd I’m so sorry my sweet anon , I know exactly how you feel. I decided to let go chibi Shige here coz I got him last year in Tenka (super brutal!) I’m cutting back my spending on slbp. *Pat pat pat* cheer up, there will be an uber cute shige chibi again in the future!