Ja’far watched the group from over the top of a scroll. It had been quite a while since he had seen quite so many people gathered in outside of his office. With a sigh, he set the scroll down, put on a polite smile, and stood from his desk. “Welcome to the palace. Is there anything I can help you with?”

It’s about time that I post my lineup for PCC !!
Thursday - fem haru from free! I will probably arrive that day about 1
Friday - god tier John Egbert from homestuck I will be in my first panel cosplay on a budget at 10:30 I believe
Saturday - maid Marian from Robin Hood ! Hopefully I’ll be at the Disney meetup :3 
Sunday - prince komali from legend of Zelda wind waker
hope to see you all there !! If you are going what are your plans ?

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1. What is your name and where did it come from/what does it mean?

Ok well my name is Sabryna and it originally came from the fact that my sister was watching Sabrina the teenage witch and asked my parents if I could be named after her, they said ok but changed the pronunciation. But I did some research and apparently it comes from Celtic legend and apparently it was the name of an illegitimate daughter of a Welsh king who was drowned in a river? (If anyone could give me more information that would be amazing)

2. A brand new, untaxed, undeducted, straight-up million dollars has been legally deposited into your bank account. What’re the first three things you’d do with it?

Ummm buy more stuff for my cosplay, a new laptop, and put the rest of it towards getting me into college.

3. Spirit Animal. Why?

Honestly I think it might either be an owl or a fox. I think so because I believe Lady Athena and I share a deep connection of some sort. And for the fox, I think because of how swift and wise I can be.

4. If you could ask your favorite fictional character ONE thing, who and what would it be?

Ok so I’m going with Cronus Ampora with this one, and honestly, I think I would just ask to hang out with him for a week. 

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself in college.

6. What song is the most meaningful to you?

Ummmmm, Currently because of how I just react to everything currently it would be “Call me a Bitch like its a bad thing” That or “I’m not an angel.”

7. What’s your favorite scent of ANYTHING. 


8. Do you want to be a parent someday?

I’m not sure.

9. What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?

Ummmm, wow, it would be the one where I’m hanging onto my friend while hanging off a cliff, and she just let go of me and I fell to my death

10. What’s one good thing that’s happened to you in the past week?

My messenger bag and prizes from a giveaway came in today

11. What’s your favorite board/card game or anything along the lines of family game night stuff?

Ummmmmm, I’ve never played any.


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7. What kind of video game would you make?

8. Favorite comic book?

9. If you could travel to any country where would you travel to?

10. Favorite flower?

11.Something good you’ve done for a friend