“Go Go doesn’t talk much, but somehow she gets her point across. And that girl loves moving fast. Not only that, GoGo knows every shortcut there is in the city! It’s like she has a map on her brain! Plus, she is not scared of ANYTHING.”

~from Hiro Hamada’s Journal

This is a lot of firsts for me. Because it’s the very first convention I’ve attended and this is my first “official” cosplay.

Most of these photos were taken by the end of the day so all the haggard-ness and tiredness was showing. BUT I had soooo much fun!!
*whispers* Hello, cornepu​. XD

Yes, I had Baymax with me. XD It was Christmas gift. <3 <3 And see the little keychain? It’s adoraaaable! I was also able to buy this super cute cellphone charm with a Chibidashi on it. >w< (If any of you guys want to see photos of my “haul”, just tell me!)

I have come to realize how I got more and more broke because of all the cute things I want to buy AUGH. ANYWAY…
Hope to have more adventures in the future!

OH OH and click on the photos for random captions. TEEHEE.

Costume thrifting and haggling, hair and makeup, and photos by betsyselanoican