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My real life friend Radi. She’s a real cutie :3


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I did this while waiting for my dinner to cook. It took a little longer than I thought (about 15 attempts actually D:) but I thought I ought to do it after the lovely Lore mentioned me in hers <3 ~

  •  Name, location, age, etc
  • First kpop song you heard
  • First kpop bias
  • Current kpop bias
  • Favourite body part of your bias
  • Favourite song from your bias group
  • Do you know any kpop dances?
  • Kpop group you wish you knew more about.
  • Non KPop band that you love
  • An English line from a KPop song
  • Favourite kpop song not by bias group
  • Favourite K-variety show
  • Favourite K-drama
  • Most listened to kpop song
  • Favourite Kpop MV
  • Mention some of your favourite blogs.
chibicloud replied to your postI changed my signature to something Rexsoka…


Oui oui

You guys wanna see it?

It’s not rexsoka romantic more friendship since on CS you can’t really do anything like… you know xD

It’s rather boring though.

REXSOKAAAAA -waves cheerleader pom poms-

I have some ideas… I must attempt to draw them -scurries away-

ps. I love your icon