Some might say that on nights such as this, when the air is crisp and the stars blink to spite the hollowed sky–when the night is stilled by an ethereal frozen mist, too perfect and too pure to be of this world–that a painted and proper artwork may appear on this blog. Some might say it, but those who would never live to speak of it.

(I thought Priscilla deserved something a little nicer than the doofy chibi stuff I always do. I’ll get back to the usual stuff next week, but I hope you guys like this anyway! :D)

MY Chibi Tutorial PART I - HEADS

Here’s an example of one of my BIGBANG fanarts that shows the most expressions:


Now that we’re done with the first part that deals with ‘Heads and Expressions,’ are you ready for some practice? I’ve thought long an hard about what to make the first assignment and I came across the perfect image!

Yup… Cha Hakyeon/N !! You don’t need to illustrate every single one of these expressions because it can be hard especially since I don’t want you guys drawing hands or bodies yet. Just the FACE :D Try your best (I especially want to see the ??? expression though haha)

Some References for Expressions:

You can do so much just practicing Expressions. So have fun with it until I release the next part. Part II of my Tutorial will be focused on BODY & PROPORTIONS