HAPPY ( later :“"v) B-DAY @avri-02
Sorry por la demora, tuve pendientes y no pide hacerlo rápido :”“v, pero aquí esta su regalo ^w^💛
Espero que le guste, la hice en chibi xD
Espero que ese día la haya pasado muy bien, le deseo lo mejor =w0💛💛


“You need healing” 

Or just few chibis of our beloved healers /o/ Everyone deserve their love and they are here for your health and your well-being💙

Also…I mean really guys…take care of you, it’s really important ‘kay (; /// ;) ? Our supports are giving really greats advices so listen to them~


Important note: Don’t bath your bunnies without instruction! This is just a fictional work for them to have a bath normally and have fun. I won’t reccomend bathing your bunnies with this.

Click the pic for to see the full resolution^^

Part 3 is out! This part mainly focus on Kacchan >w< really his hair is so hard to draw :”D Also introducing new bunny! <333

Check out part 1 / 2 if you’re interested! >u<


First and second year pals, plus Merula and my MC Silaxiv („ᵕᴗᵕ„) I wanted to make a full Hogwarts Mystery chibi set (which I’ll call “Mysteryni” because I just need to make up italianish words *cough*) and so more characters are (hopefully) coming soon! Hope you like them ✿ ✿ ✿