Bored level: school. (I was going to do this originally in color but I accidentally broken the pen with which I make the line art. (;v; )) She accompany me in all my classes of religion. (=v=) Creulous Innocuous belongs to: leonloser (I owe you a good drawing of her for this thing (;v; ))

superfurryfan asked:

What does Luua usually do when it's storming/too hot outside?

- too hot weather -

it’s often too hot for Luu because she lifes with Vain in Ul’dah and
isn’t used to the heat, she’s often whiny if it’s too hot and Vain needs to help her to cool herself down (she often takes a bath with cool water ect..)
you better stay away at hot weather because she’s very moody.

- stormy weather -

quite the opposite of hot weather, she loves stormy weather.
she is pretty clingy & cuddly when it’s storming, she drinks a lot
tea, bakes cookies and stays a lot in bed and reads a book or such
(but Vain has always to be presence, she doesn’t let him do
anything alone at this time)

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