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  • me, talking about RWBY: the plot's all over the place, there are too many tropes thrown in, the animation during the first seasons is painful to watch, plus it's a pretty cisnormative and heteronormative show
  • also me: [gushes over almost all the characters]
  • also me: [legit sobbed watching V4e12]
  • also me: [cackles at the jokes on RWBY Chibi]
  • also me: [still has faith in Bumbleby despite the massive queerbaiting]

ahhh okay so I dont art very much but I wanted to do a thing? For @callmearcturus and the fic with the frog boi Jake and this is the first time Ive done a thing based on a fic and posting on tumblr and yeeeee many firsts haha But like! The fic is hella good and just going to keep getting better and if you like extremely well written dirk x jake fics 100% worth going and checking out their AO3 and read the fic! :D 

(okay but did i do this right I have no idea what im doing owo;;)

✿ || mun & muse.

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Quick Ref Sheet || Mun and Muse Edition!
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Name: Annie Leonhardt 
Nickname: Anna (her mother’s preferred nickname, thus ’rare’)
Zodiac sign: aries (sun), pieces (moon)
Gender: female
Favorite color: deep red, sometimes blue. It truly depends on her mood.
Average hours of sleep: 4 hours at the maximum; albeit often being able to sleep longer, Annie wakes up after aforesaid number of hours due to her mental conditioning. Her body oft screams for more rest & yet she refuses to go to sleep simply because she doesn’t dare to do so. Post-Crystallization Annie can often be found napping in her cell or during ceasefires when people let her that is. Leonhardt is constantly exhausted & a nap itself never really helps. It does give her some peace of mind tho.
Last thing you googled: some song lyrics or translations of English sentences (her native language is Russian after all. In fact, Annie is more fluent in German / Russian than English). modern settings
Height: 153 cm.


Name: Susanne
Nickname: Sue
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Gender: female

Favorite color: blue, black & several shades of violet.
Average hours of sleep: 4 - 7 hours, it depends on the day.
Last thing you googled: some university related bs.
Current number of followers: i rebooted the blog a couple of days ago, give me a break.
Height: 164 cm.

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Do you ever just...

find something you really want on the internet because it’s from your fav game and then you see the price and tell yourself ‘’ welp I liked you until I saw this bitch…’’ and then cry inside because you really wanted it but 80$ for a fucking hoodie of genji is a big nope? it happens too often to me lol 

I want to live in a lil cottage near a forest.
Away from society and town/city life.

I want to have music lightly playing in the background.

No cars, ambulances, police cars, people..making noise

My own garden growing my own food

I want to be super healthy doing all sorts of activities and eating right.

A gaming room would be nice…and a music room…and a gym room (Lara Crofts Mansion is gym room goals xD) a little library…

A beautiful kitchen

Lots and lots of flowers and plants

Maybe a little stream/river/lake…if lucky enough a beach xD

…a girl can dream


Opening up winter commissions and changed the prices a bit.  It’ll probably be open for only a few weeks depending on how classes go next month.


Email me at:

In the email, have a visual reference of the character, what commission type you want, and tell me if there’s a specific look, expression or pose you want for the character. For the Experimental Headshot and Half Body, the style might vary a bit depending on the character and how you want them to look.  For Payment, I’ll send an invoice when you approve of the sketch/lineart.  Once you pay I’ll start coloring and finish it.  If you have any questions just let me know.

Things I WON’T draw:


-Animals/Furries (If they’re just a person with animal ears/tail, then they’re fine)


HQ!! HC #1

So, The Little Giant gets some awesome nickname during high school, and we’re all expecting that to happen for Hinata at some point…

But what if everyone just continues to call him “Chibi-Chan”…

Like a rival team walks in and they’re like “oooh! It’s Karasuno’s #9 King of the Court and #10 Chibi-Chan”