chibi wings


Phew! This one took me a while to do, and was completed a little while ago, but I’ve only just gotten around to uploading these photos :) They aren’t the best ones, since the weather wasn’t great at the time, and I’m hoping that the owner will send some of them wearing it!

This suit took me much longer than I thought it would do, purely because of one reason - there’s a foam bodypod underneath there, instead of stuffing. I wanted to give the bodypod method a try, and having done a few errors and mistakes, learnt from it! If I do another plush suit, odds are they’ll be stuffing filled, to add to the plush effect :)

The large zipper on the front does go down, however it’s more to expose the character’s stuffing inside - the real zip is on the back of the suit. The hands can’t slip out of the paws, so they will be requiring a helper / handler!

The feet attach to the pod with velcro, although for the next time I will have the feet permanently attached, to lessen the risk of the velcro coming apart while being worn.

Made with Seal fur, Artic black fox, minky and fleece :)