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[IMPROVED] watch Prince of Tennis without being confused by the plot


The thing with tenipuri is that the manga and the anime/OVAs should be treated as 2 different entities. The two media are just too different, even if the manga was the original. Many scenes from the manga were totally removed/replaced in the anime and a ton of fillers and plot points were added instead. it is heartbreaking lol

There should not have been a problem with this. However, the Nationals arc (finale of prince of tennis) was made to be somewhat faithful to both the anime and the manga. This causes a bit of confusion to those who watched the anime only, esp new fans.

Actually you can always Watch/read prince of tennis in any way you want. The best way is to just read the manga from beginning to end. Or watch the anime from beginning to end. 

However it has come to my attention that a lot of new fans give up watching tenipuri because of the pesky fillers and the overall confusing plot brought upon by the anime, the movies and the OVAs. sad 2000′s animation too

So on a whim.. i made a guide which can probably help new viewers who prefer watching the anime understand the story more.


1. read prince of tennis manga ch 000 “Legend of the Samurai”

2. watch from episode 1 to ep 28

3. read pot manga ch 50

  • so that you can see tezuka play for the first time  they just mentioned this match in the anime

4. watch ep 29 to ep 72

  • note: tezuka goes to germany eps 73-75
  • in manga he goes to kyushu, not germany

5. Optional: Watch josei shonan arc (anime only)  ep 76-85

6. Watch PoT 1st movie Tale of Two Samurai

7. Watch ep 86 to 90 (fun filler arc)

8 Optional: Read PoT ch. 162-165 for manga-only seigaku vs saitama-midoriyama jr high

9. Watch eps 90-101 (rokkaku arc)

10. Read PoT manga starting from ch 184-237 (rikkaidai arc)

  • chapter 184  ties nicely with ep 101
  • we want you to see the correct and proper version of the rikkaidai arc

11. Optional: Watch the anime version or the rikkaidai arc (ep 102-128)

  • compare it with the manga
  • seigaku training camp in the mountain
  • practice matches vs hyotei

12. Optional: Watch fillers

  • recreation arc 129-135 
  • Junior Invitational Training Camp Arc 136-146
  • USA vs Japan 147-160
  • special episode: Day of Survival Mountain

13. Watch the OVA called Atobe’s gift

14. In preparation for Nationals arc, choose between these two:

  • Choice 1: Continue reading the manga from chapter 238-253
    • we recommend this
    • ch 238-239 is Nationals OVA 7
    • ch 240 is Nationals OVA 5
    • ch 242 is where Nationals OVA 8 was based from (not really similar)
    • ch 245-247 is scattered among the OVAs
    • ch 253 is  Nationals OVA 1

  • Choice 2: Watch the anime from ep 161-176 and Nationals OVA 

    • 161-176 is ryoma drama and the last series o seigaku ranking matches
    • Nationals OVA 1 kinda reconciles the differences between the anime and manga 

15. watch all the Nationals OVA 2 - 26

16. Watch all Prince of Tennis Another Story OVAs I & II

17. Watch PoT movie 2: Battle of the English Castle

18. Recently announced prince of tennis movie will be somewhere here :D

19: Watch all of the pairpuris, the fandiscs, message in a bottle picture drama and other special episodes

**chibi tenipuri episodes are 87, 88, 115, 132, 165**


As I was watching prince of tennis episode 165 aka chibi tenipuri family goes to hawaii...

it’s still unknown who Kirihara’s parents are etc. in the chibi AU

and here we see ryoma and the others imagining Kirihara in hawaii with his family

And is it just me or is that Sanada and Yukimura being totally married in the background??

but then we see them at the onsen so for a moment I doubted myself

but then it turns out that Kirihara had lied about going to Hawaii with his family, and is at the onsen too, SO!! I’m pretty sure Sanada and Yukimura are Kirihara’s parents, or grandparents in the chibi AU

And here’s a bonus picture