chibi sword

this past week I began to draw my “Chibi Karl Urban Series“
is a series of 10 of my favorite Karl’s characters
I’ll try to post 1 per day =)
hope you enjoy it

Éomer - Lord of the Rings
Bones (Leonard McCoy) - Star Trek
Judge Dredd - Dredd
Kennex (John) - Almost Human
Kirill - Bourne Supremacy
Reaper (John Grimm) - Doom
Vaako - Chronicles of Riddick
William Cooper - RED

Oreo Outfit/Cosplay Collection! 

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I love Devil May Cry Classic

I THINK these are posted newest to oldest.

I remember when I first played the game. Life was hard for me back then but being Dante for a while made me feel so awesome. Dealing out damage as a wise-cracking bad-ass was so cathartic.

I was happy to see fans group classic Dante with Deadpool and Spider-man, they all dress in red and they all have a mouth on them.