chibi sword

this past week I began to draw my “Chibi Karl Urban Series“
is a series of 10 of my favorite Karl’s characters
I’ll try to post 1 per day =)
hope you enjoy it

Éomer - Lord of the Rings
Bones (Leonard McCoy) - Star Trek
Judge Dredd - Dredd
Kennex (John) - Almost Human
Kirill - Bourne Supremacy
Reaper (John Grimm) - Doom
Vaako - Chronicles of Riddick
William Cooper - RED

  • Jaune: Guys, idea.
  • Ren: On the off chance this is an absolutely god-awful idea, I'm going to decline sitting in on this meeting.
  • Yang: Damnit Ren, these meetings are important!
  • Blake: They are?
  • Yang: Shut up! You're still in the time out corner for skipping the last meeting!
  • Pyrrha: If I could way in for a moment-
  • Nora: No.
  • Pyrrha: -Alright.
  • Weiss: Oh for the love of Christ why do we insist on having these useless meetings!?
  • Ruby: Weiss! These meetings are important! They help us... Uh, they help us... Why do we have these meetings?
  • Blake: Like I was saying-
  • Jaune: My idea was pizza sword by the way.