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*spies an open request bar* hellllooooooo~ so can ask for some tender, classy top? Like just a reader who's glamorous, confident, and sophisticated, and that goes to the bedroom~ Up to you on who, have fun~

Hello there! First off, I can’t begin to express how wonderful your writing is. It’s such a pleasure to read, no matter who or what the subject is about. I look forward to everything you put out! So keep up the amazing work! With my gushing out of the way, could I please request Junkrat, McCree, Hanzo, and Lúcio with a female s/o who enjoys marking up her man, via lipstick and little hickies, and the boys absolutely LOVE it?? Thank you in advance!!


“Do it again.” he demands and tilts his head to give you access to his cheek. The old mark has faded away almost completely and so you cup his jaw and place another kiss on top, leaving a faint mark of lipstick. Jamie immediately runs to check it out and grins at his own reflection in the mirror, giddy with the idea of everyone being able to see that he belongs to you.
“You know.” you say, leaning against the wall. “Most men would be embarrassed to have lipstick marks on their faces.”
He looks at you with wide-eyed wonder and that’s the only reason you brought it up.
“Why?” he asks as if he can’t fathom anyone reacting like that. You shrug, explain it as one of the many cultural differences he’s been faced with since leaving the outback.

Usually he removes the lipstick before going out, takes care not to let international law enforcement in on his love life. It’s costing him, because at his core Jamie is so happy with you he’d much rather shout it to the heavens how much he loves you.

The marks are his way of assuring himself that this is real. And there are other ways of course.

“You’re out of my league.” he whispers when he sits at your feet that evening, rests his head in your lap and traces the subtle pattern of your stockings. You look up from your book, nudge his head a little to make him look up at you.
“You are perfect for me.” you say, gently but firmly, and he smiles happily and nuzzles your hand.

“Your skin is so soft.”

Not like his, he means to say, roughened by a hard life. He never had a manicure in his life, though you think that maybe sometime you should take him, see if he would enjoy having himself taken care of. For now you guide him up to sit in your lap proper and proceed to kiss every rough patch on his skin, from the more visible scars to the tiny pocks and marks he accumulated through the years.

He gets excited quickly, writhes under your touch, bucks up against you in little jackrabbit thrusts until you steady him by placing your hand on his hips and wrapping the other around his cock. His eyes go wide, his mouth open in a little o-shape as if he still can’t combine you with something as dirty as sex.

It takes him time to gather himself before he can reciprocate, careful not to rip your clothes in his excitement and intent on mimicking you as best he can.

It’s slow, languid, both of you mostly dressed and seeking contact more for the intimacy than the sexual gratification.

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The true story of Asajj Ventress

or why she joined the Dark Side, what she was taught, and how she left.

… it was all for the cookies ^^

(Note: Be careful, they do have cookies on the Dark Side, but they’re not actually sharing them!! You need to steal them and then run for your life)

YES, I ship Ventress with cookies!! <3

I’m so happy I’ve finally finished this little strip :) Took me longer than expected but it’s done!! Yay!! \o/