chibi shikamaru


I just got my package today! I bought the first series before but i think I dont post it in my tumblr, but Now my new series is comeI think its fun to post it . Btw realy thankful that it came just right the day before before my birthday yeah I think its cool present for myself hahaha. I just want to share >.

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how does it feel to have to compete with park kyung as zicos biggest fan

Just because he knows him personally doesn’t mean SHIT to me

Does Kyung have any of Zico’s albums? And if he does did he even pay for them? NO. I have every single one of them since I’m about that stan life. Did Kyung purchase his music on iTunes after preordering the physical? Did he legally purchase Boys and Girls 4 different times? Does Kyung have two custom made posters of Jiho? Does Kyung have a chibi Shikamaru figurine that he paid $15 for because he looks like Freeze Zico baby brows and all? Does Kyung have a baby with a sheep hat (from the blooming period meme) and hand drew all Jiho’s tattoos onto the baby? Does Kyung even have the Tough Cookie album? Does Kyung even regularly visit Jiho’s Soundcloud to see his new likes? Did Kyung do that television diy project? Did Kyung almost break his honey wand that dates back to the first patch Seven Seasons ever made when he saw Jiho do his solo stage at the BlockBuster concert? Did Kyung just buy a second copy of Television just because he wanted the other version of the posters? Kyung not about this hardcore stan life. He just some nerd that befriended someone so amazing as Woo Jiho. Zico’s biggest fan HA! you must me joking.

Hunty can finally try to compete with me once he starts financially supporting his tall handsome rapper/producer model highly skilled iconic leader like I do all the time. And I dare for him to come @ me with I kissed Jiho. BOI I kiss Jiho all the time too…in my dreams. You’re not that special so keep your thirsty self moving.

I don’t care about many weekly reminders I make about how much I love Park Kyung if he gets in the way of me and my baby I will cut him down to his real height