chibi san


I really wanted to have this done for valentine’s day but my stupid brain won’t let me stay awake for more than 20 hours at a time.

Anyways, I love chibis and I love blog decorations, so have a full soriel set of them for the free use of any shipper! I picked some of the most popular AUs in which you usually see soriel plus some of my personal favorites, so sorry if I missed a fan favorite in the way, there are just too many AUs in this fandom.

Undertale by Toby Fox
Underswap by @popcornpr1nce (and if you like Swapsoriel let me promote @royalbluetale because we make a ton there)
Underfell by… whoever the creator was before the AU was left orphan (but I totally recomend the comic Soulfell by @rainbowchibbit if you like it)
Reapertale by @renrink
Altertale by @friisans
Undernovela by @pig-demon
Mob AU by… I have no idea, there are like 4 different people with Undertale AUs based around the mafia, but this particular pic was inspired by the drawings of @theslowesthnery and the amazing fanfic “Never a lovely so real” by @kaesaaurelia

What if Echotale Frisk is a chibi Adult Frisk~

I think their friendship and love will be the same as the original story~ I just love them so much!

(Made this last month since we don’t have electricity for almost a month because of the storm that hit us last Christmas. I’m glad we’re okay. T-T that storm is so strong)

@yoralim you’re so awesome for creating this AU! Thank you~

Echotale © @yoralim

Original G!Sans © Borurou

Undertale © Toby Fox