chibi quad


Some previews of creatures I’m working on atm for the Cranbury craft fair :)

If you noticed, yes that unicorn is indeed my Verdi reindeer pattern!  All I did was a horn instead of antlers and different tail, plus mane of course.  I figured he’d make a pretty unicorn too. <3

Also that celestial bunny is my “Yukito the Bunny” pattern and will be for sale as a PDF pattern soon as I can!  (As I want it out before Easter if anyone wants to make their own Easter bun.) Yukito works well with basically any fabric as her main parts, be it minky, sweater, or all interfaced cotton.  I will recommend cotton as her accents though.


Some cuties I sold at Zenkaikon, but loved how they looked together as they were all pink and teal themed, one of my fav color combinations!  This is a Vintage Style cat, a large ’Chibi Quad’, and a medium Quizzy dragon.  The cat’s blue body is made with felted cashmere sweater that I dyed myself! (it was white). The ear fabric is also fabric I designed myself.