chibi poland

A very smol gift for @nyo-poland, who wanted more content in the Nyo Poland tag (use it wisely) (yes, I was the I AM THE CONTENT anon)

Honestly I am not even in the fandom, but boi do I love that gurl

 Wszystkie diety dziś na boku, tłusty czwartek jest raz w roku!

Pączki, czy chrust? To czas szybkich decyzji!

The last Thursday of carnival is traditionally in Poland the day, when you are allowed to eat as many donuts and other sweet and fatty things as you want. It’s your last chance to do it before the Lent, after all! We call this day “fat Thursday” - “tłusty czwartek”.

got latvia done for the baltics+poland chibis, about 5-6 hours because it’s bigger and his uniform is the exact most difficult shade of red to replicate i’ve come across so far

it’s gonna be this eventually:

probably another 13 hours of work for the whole thing, since i got the handle of how to make a thing look “shiny” like himaruya does

bonus: bighead view