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Ruby Rose Style Variation Ratings

Concept art

new story, new character, looks interesting, 8/10

this is going to be long

Red Trailer

interesting design, awesome animation, 7/10

Volume 1

less mature than she was in the trailer, still ok, 7/10

Volume 2

thats scary 4/10

sinnamon roll 8/10

ruby as a kid, 6/10 not enough


top one, 11/10, what do you mean it’s not canon

Volume 3

powerful, 10/10

RWBY Chibi

big change, looks adorable but can we trust her? might be evil, 7/10

Ruby Rose IRL-wait what

Promo art volume 4

different, not sure how to feel about it, 6/10

Volume 4

maya ruby,older, new, more expression 8/10

RWBY manga

pure, 10/10


TF2 CHIBI….or….somethin’ like chibi….. *why my chibis are not cute OTZ*

Anybody will be intrested in buyin’ some as stickers or bagdes? I don’t really think so but if so, just tell me…. 

Sorry for goddamn watermark but there’s too many idiots on the internet. 3 seconds and your work is on the t-shirts, badges and condoms without your permission….

For a class I had to do 100 drawings of a character (In this case Fantasia). I had to do her modifications to make her look different. All of them are the same character but with the alteration I was asked, like other drawing styles or clothing.
It’s a good exercise. And i suggest that if you want to challenge yourself to do it too, just remember to be patient while doing it. ^^

Chibis galore! It started out with the top right picture, then I wanted to draw action chibis, now here we are. A few headcanons up there like Tomoe bringing Shinachiku into her pranks as her accomplice of sorts. Then she will probably prank him in turn as well poor Shina. I think Sakura would make a great combat teacher for him, too, aside from the medic stuff. Off at the bottom, there’s Naruto being the awesome and supportive dad he should be. 

Another small thing is Shina’s necklace that’s a bamboo pendant given to him by his parents. I think it fits with his name pretty well. 

Btw, if you haven’t heard, Tomoe is Tomoe-au’s SNS child. (I adore Tomoe to bits, I hope you don’t mind if i included her).


Hey guys! I’m currently open for commissions, and I would love it if you commissioned from me! I’m in a tight spot financially, and I would really appreciate it if you would help me out. I will have four spots open at a time, so if you would like to claim a spot just email me! Thank you all so much! <3


C H I B I  P H A N  W E E K  I S  O V E R!

But it was fun while it lasted and I decided to add them all to one post, just because I felt like it :)
But I will also be listing them individually underneath

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

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Day Six

Day Seven

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