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What are your favorite Ships in BnHA?

puttin the Oh… in OTP ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  

Ruby Rose Style Variation Ratings

Concept art

new story, new character, looks interesting, 8/10

this is going to be long

Red Trailer

interesting design, awesome animation, 7/10

Volume 1

less mature than she was in the trailer, still ok, 7/10

Volume 2

thats scary 4/10

sinnamon roll 8/10

ruby as a kid, 6/10 not enough


top one, 11/10, what do you mean it’s not canon

Volume 3

powerful, 10/10

RWBY Chibi

big change, looks adorable but can we trust her? might be evil, 7/10

Ruby Rose IRL-wait what

Promo art volume 4

different, not sure how to feel about it, 6/10

Volume 4

maya ruby,older, new, more expression 8/10

RWBY manga

pure, 10/10

Chibi wolf!derek/fox!stiles

so once upon a time i met pa IRL and everything was wonderful ^^*

we drew bits on paper together and decided to color this one. and by decided i mean i cant thank pa more for being a total angel with everything <3333 ily

as per usual, the cutest derek from my darling pa, stiles by moi :)


Im not gonna try to make this too pretty since its temporary till I reach my goal but I need help and Im praying yall are interested.

As the title says, I need a new mattress.

A friend of mine had gave me her old bed since I was going to be moving from the living room into my brothers old bed room since he moved out.

Its bigger and it was free. So I accepted. Since Ive been sleeping on it, Ive been in pain. My back and neck have been killing me and Im not sleeping well.

All I need is 3 full body commissions and I can afford the mattress I have my eye on.

So please, Im begging, help out by spreading this around. I also accept small donations. Anything just so I can not be in pain.

Here are my prices.

~~Prices~~ ☆★

♥ Sketch Doodle - 10$

♥ Chibi - 15$

♥ Head - 20$

♥ Half - 25$
 ♡ Add Another Person +5$

♥ Full Body - 40$
 ♡ Add Another Person +5$ (was 10$ but for this only its now 5$)

♥ Character Reference Sheet - 50$ to 80$

My paypal is and you must make sure its for friends and family. NOT for business.

For more of my art, click here to take you right to my art tag.

Please share this like wild fire. I honestly need the help since I have no other income and Ive never gotten a commission request from someone who wasn’t a friend of mine. Cant stress enough about this. Please and thank you for your time <3

For a class I had to do 100 drawings of a character (In this case Fantasia). I had to do her modifications to make her look different. All of them are the same character but with the alteration I was asked, like other drawing styles or clothing.
It’s a good exercise. And i suggest that if you want to challenge yourself to do it too, just remember to be patient while doing it. ^^

Sneak peek of an upcoming RWBY comic. It’s called “Yang’s Birthday,” and may or may not have an arm joke about Yang….

Also, FYI: This is not actually how the comic will go. It’s just to show you how everything will look.

I’m almost done with the first page, so I hope to finish the comic by the end of June. Hope you guys like it! ^-^