chibi nathaniel

Ok yeah this time i did  the chibi of Neil “I’m fine” Josten,,, remember this chibis are available as stickers….if you want stickers of the other foxes i will do the chibis and they will be available on my redbubble:

Hope you like itespecially dedicated to @aleclightwwood


Thanks to everyone who entered my postcard giveaway!! (To those of you who didn’t – WHY NOT?? I JUSST WANTED TO SPEAD LOVE AND PEACE WHY DON’T YOU LOVE MEEEE *SOBS*). Sorry it took me so long to finish (getting sick really messed with my schedule)! I’ll be putting them in the mail this weekend, so winners will get theirs soon. 

If I do another contest for Valentine’s Day postcards, would people be interested?

PS: Sorry they’re kind of messy, I realized when I started drawing on them that when I erase, the color comes off, so I had to almost draw these free-hand lol.

Chibis de CDM (que arruiné... con cariño xD)

Mi Sucrette… :D

Alexy ewe

Armin<3 -

Cassy >:) (Por algún motivo es mas grande que los demás D:)

Nathaniel… tal vez(? >u< Nath las ama chicas e.e

Kentin :3

Ken sin lentes ewe

Ken con lentes <3

Lo importante es que están hechos con musho amor~<3!! :‘v

(Me faltan los de Ken/Kentin y Lys que haré algún día)


Wednesday Work Doodles! I polled the people on the livestream today before I left about what they wanted to say, and these were the top DA ppl listed ^_^ So raexmell aeradae yesmassdragoneffect drhu0806 and everyone else who was on (I didn’t see the list before I left, and I’m not sure if I’m following all the ppl so I can’t tag them) here are your little chibis as promised (I went Awakening on Nate and Anders ^_-)

Note: Drawn entirely from memory so I have no idea if I got them right in all the little details ahah ^_^;;;