chibi nalu

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Trying to keep as active as possible. Have some Nalu! Just a flat doodle :) 

Please do NOT repost here or anywhere else!

Nalu Fluff Week Day 4: Fashion

What do you mean it’s too late to draw for fluff week.


The ships stickers x)

Well the main ships anyway :p Also changed their expressions so each set is different. I’ll get around to all the other pairings later when I have time.

Geez Lucy, you’re freezing! Be more careful!

Gift for missyplatina! ^_^ I had some freetime and I realised I never done a finished art for Missy, my favorit fanficwriter! We talked about my choice of Pokemons for NaLu(Charmelion  and Pachirisu), and now I decided to make a small thing to say thanks for all the happiness she gave me with her writing. If you havent checked yet; you should take a look at Virtual Flames!  Also thank you for enduring my rambles on Skype! :3 

* anyone can ask for my skype anytime ~~* 
Plus I wanna make other gifts for another friends of mine because they’re so precious to me and I love how I can be a part of their lives. 

Happy Birthday @mariboom! ❤️

You are such a cutie pie (and a super talented artist too :3), hope you have a beautiful day! :3  ❤️

Sorry for this scketch, i wanted to changed and try to do some chibis ^^” I found a cute reference on twitter and I had this idea, hope you like it! ❤️