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Someone had to MAKE those slippers for Chibs2 though. You aren’t just going to find that at the slipper store, that is personalized embroidery.

Ikuko maybe? Possible, but not the most fun answer.

Usagi? Cute, but Usagi’s already got a lot of cute with Chibs2, if you like it.

Consider, perhaps, an alternative.

Consider, perhaps:

She sees Chibs2 using an old pair of Chibi-Usa’s slippers and decides to personalize them a bit more so Chibs2 has something of her own.

And then consider:

Pluto is not okay with this.

Those are Small Lady’s slippers.

Makoto is a brave warrior and a gentle soul.

Makoto cannot be allowed to succeed.

Pluto knows what she must do.

anonymous asked:

What advice would you give freshmen going into highschool?

Hmm, well a lot of this derives from my own personal experience, so I don’t know how much it will help exactly, but here goes!

  • I know skipping class is some hip thing you can do now without any real legal repercussions, you may find that many of your first year classes are boring as shit (seeing as you have to take them and don’t get to take cool courses until you’re in 11-12th grade) but holy shit don’t skip. It sounds kind of ridiculous, I know, seeing as you’re young and don’t have the crushing terror of post-secondary life, but trying to pull yourself out of a hole you dug yourself into as a freshman and get your grades back up is a pain in the ass and for many people it isn’t as easy as it sounds.
  • Your teacher is not your guardian.They actually have very little responsibility for you passing or failing, some teachers won’t nag you about missed assignments at all and you’ll fail these assignments because you assumed you had everything done. Take initiative for yourself, ask your teacher about current and past assignments. Try not to half-ass it in general, because after highschool you’re basically fucked if you’re still stuck in that mentality.

  • If you’re like me, and you’re super uncomfortable with being in the cafeteria, the library is your friend, if you don’t know many people or have trouble being in huge groups of people, the library is the best excuse for being alone and quiet while you collect yourself. Also your school library may have graphic novels. Sweet.

  • Don’t be that jerk in the computer lab who comes in with a bag of Doritos and won’t keep their voice down while they play computer games with no headphones on, you will become the most hated person in there (especially by the senior students) so fucking fast. Whether they’re working on a final project or just playing a game of CAH in the corner of the room with their friends, they don’t care how sick the dubstep you’re listening to is or how great that headshot was, get a pair of headphones and keep your voice downhave some fucking courtesy for the people around you.

  • Shower. 

  • If you’re going to a visual arts program and you were that one kid in middle school or whatever who could draw and everyone loved you for it: for the love of god just forget that now. It’s a whole new ball game, don’t think you know more than everyone else about art/design because you could draw semi-decent manga and chibis on your math notebook. 

    • Don’t think you are above critique or cannot benefit from critique, critique is your friend, critique is not a personal attack (or if it is there may be a grain of truth to it), learn from the suggestions and tips people give you, you wanted to be in an artistic field, this is what that entails. If you really want to be serious about pursuing a career in arts and design, you’ll learn to accept critique and swallow your pride.

    • Also, don’t be that jerk who defies the teacher / instructions of the project because they won’t let you ‘do whatever you want’ and you think this is because they won’t let you “be creative” or something. Holy shit. Just don’tThey gave you instructions, you follow them.This is how it works in the field. 

  • There is no shame in asking for help. 
    There is no shame in failing an assignment or course. 
    There is no shame in taking summer school or course recovery.
    There is no shame in taking extra years.
    Everyone is learning at their own pace, you getting the heck out of highschool is the end-goal for everyone, don’t get discouraged if you’re not going as fast or smoothly as everyone else, you’ve totally got this.

I feel like my advice won’t do much help for certain circumstances, anyway this is just what I learned about highschool as a freshman and from the perspective of someone just leaving senior year.

I hope this helps some-what?